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In Windows 11/10 Pro or higher version, you can use BitLocker, which helps encrypt information that unauthorized users can not read. Here, Windows lets you encrypt your data to remain usable even when shared with others using BitLocker Drive Encryption. So, you’ll see an error message saying your administrator needs to set a system policy option if you try to enable BitLocker on a PC that doesn’t have a TPM. This feature is good to use if you want to encrypt a drive partition or USB disk. This risewindows post will introduce the software Wise Folder Hider which helps you hide and encrypt a folder in a PC.

Wise Folder Hider Pro for Windows 11 and 10

Wise Folder Hider is an excellent free tool for a secure means of hiding private folders. Locking personal files with a password often draws more attention, so why not hide all your sensitive data with Wise Folder Hider? Which is best for the job? Install this free tool, create a password, drag a folder in the software window, choose the hide folder option on the program toolbar, or right-click a folder you wish to hide and select ‘Hide Folder with Wise Folder Hider.’

Not just for hiding folders, you can use this application to hide files in a folder either by clicking the Hide File button from the program menu or dragging and dropping files into the program window. Wise Folder Hider can only be viewed by launching the software using your created password. After launching the software, you can hide and unhide files and folders and password-protect them, so they will remain secure even when not hidden.

Also, this Windows software can be used to hide content in a USB drive; click the ‘Hide USB Drive‘ option on the application’s main interface, then select the drive you want to hide, and you can set a password to protect content hidden in the USB. If you wish to uninstall this Windows software, you must make sure to remove the password you set for files and unhide everything you concealed with this software; otherwise, you can never see the files again.

The other benefit of this Folder Hider software is that it cannot be uninstalled without unhiding your files. We noticed that once you hide a file or folder, it will no longer appear on your PC, even if you change the folder options.

Free License of Wise Folder Hider Pro

You don’t need any key to get the Wise Folder Hider Pro license. First, download the giveaway version of the app. Then, install it on your computer. After that, Automatic activation of Folder Hider Pro will occur without entering a key.


In conclusion, protecting sensitive data and maintaining privacy is essential in today’s digital age. While Windows 11/10 Pro or higher versions offer BitLocker as a built-in encryption feature, not all systems have the necessary TPM (Trusted Platform Module) to enable it. In such cases, Wise Folder Hider Pro provides a reliable solution for hiding and encrypting folders on your PC.

Wise Folder Hider is a free tool that allows you to securely hide private folders by password-protecting them. Unlike simply locking files, hiding them with Wise Folder Hider adds an extra layer of security, keeping your sensitive data out of sight and away from prying eyes. By installing the software and setting a password, you can easily hide folders by dragging them into the program window or using the right-click context menu option.

Wise Folder Hider can also hide individual files within a folder, either through the program menu or by dragging and dropping them into the software window. Once hidden, these files and folders can only be accessed by launching Wise Folder Hider and entering the designated password. Your files and folders remain password-protected, ensuring their security even when not hidden.

Another useful feature of Wise Folder Hider is its ability to hide content on a USB drive. By selecting the “Hide USB Drive” option, you can choose the desired drive and set a password to protect the hidden content. If you decide to uninstall Wise Folder Hider, you must unhide all files and remove the password, as they will no longer be accessible otherwise.

One notable advantage of Wise Folder Hider Pro is that it cannot be uninstalled without unhiding your files, adding an extra layer of protection against accidental removal or unauthorized access. Moreover, when you hide a file or folder using Wise Folder Hider, it will no longer appear on your PC, even if you modify the folder options.

The best part is that you can obtain a free Wise Folder Hider Pro license by downloading the giveaway version of the software and installing it on your computer. The program will automatically activate without requiring a license key.

Wise Folder Hider Pro offers a convenient and secure solution for hiding and encrypting folders on your Windows 11 or 10 PC. By using this software, you can keep your sensitive data protected from unauthorized access, ensuring your privacy and peace of mind. Take advantage of the free license offer and start securing your folders with Wise Folder Hider Pro today.

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