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WiFinian allows you to Easily Control Wi-Fi Connections on your Windows 11/10

Optimize and Manage Wi-Fi Connections with WiFinian for Windows 11/10

In the age of digital connectivity, ensuring that you have the best Wi-Fi connection is paramount for a seamless online experience. Enter WiFinian, a game-changing tool for Windows 11/10 users. WiFinian is a freeware app crafted specifically to grant users active control over their Wi-Fi connections. Especially in environments teeming with multiple Wi-Fi networks, discerning which connection to latch onto—based on strength and speed—can become a challenging affair. WiFinian elegantly addresses this by allowing users to not only view these parameters but also set connection priorities. Offering a suite of features that outshine the standard Wi-Fi options bundled with Windows, WiFinian is a must-have for those looking to optimize and manage their wireless networks effectively.

WiFinian for Windows 11/10

Wifinian assists you in selecting and connecting to the most efficient Wi-Fi network. It offers the following capabilities: You can determine the priority of the Wi-Fi connections and manage them with this complimentary tool. Moreover, it boasts a range of features that surpass the standard Wi-Fi functionalities in Windows.

WiFinian main features

  • It helps you choose and connect to the most efficient Wi-Fi connection.
  • It lets you connect or disconnect a network.
  • Rename a wireless network.
  • It lets you set a profile for automatic connection (auto-connect) or automatic switch (auto-switch).
  • Rush option of this software can rescan wireless networks in short intervals.
  • Engage option allows you to execute automatic connections depending on signal strength, order, and automatic switch setting of wireless profiles.
  • It allows you to organize the priority of wireless profiles.
  • Alter the priority of wireless profiles or delete the wireless profile.

How to Control Wi-Fi Connections in Windows 11/10 with Wifinian?

Download the Wifinian app from the Microsoft Store to manage your WiFi connections. Once installed, it resides in the system tray, accessible by clicking on its icon. You can also launch it by clicking the Start button and typing its name, then selecting its entry.

Each displayed connection provides the network name and adapter details. The Wi-Fi signal quality is indicated beneath each Wi-Fi profile’s name. Be aware that the displayed signal quality might differ when connected to a network versus when it’s listed. To connect, simply click on the desired network’s box.

The currently connected network is distinguished by a lighter background. If the connection becomes unavailable, its background darkens to reflect that status. If the program is scanning for networks, a spinning circle at the top of the Wifinian app signals this activity. While the interface is open, the circle continues to rotate. To rescan networks, click on the “Rush” option adjacent to the circle.

How to Select the Best Wi-Fi Network using WiFinian?

When faced with multiple network connections, Wifinian’s Engage mode allows you to choose the one with the strongest signal strength. Beside each profile, a signal strength percentage is displayed. To connect, simply pick the WiFi profile with the highest percentage. If you prefer not to make a manual selection, activate Engage mode by clicking on it.

The auto-connect feature ensures your computer links to a network whenever it becomes available. When combined with Engage, the auto-switch option facilitates a seamless transition to the network boasting the best signal strength.

Additionally, renaming a Wi-Fi profile is straightforward. To do so, click and hold the mouse button on the network’s name. Once a text box encompasses the name, you can input the desired new title. It’s crucial to understand that renaming a profile won’t alter the network’s SSID; it merely updates the connection’s display name on your computer.

Click the “Organize” button at the top of the application to rearrange the network order. From there, you can shift the profile up or down, or use the “Delete” button to remove the wireless profile.

After that, right-click the tray icon and select “Start on sign-in.” if you need to start this application automatically with Windows.

Download WiFinian

WiFinian app is available to download from the Microsoft Store. It works fine on Windows 11 and Windows 10.


WiFinian is a powerful tool designed for Windows 11/10 users, offering enhanced control over Wi-Fi connections. In environments abundant with multiple Wi-Fi networks, WiFinian stands out by enabling users to set connection priorities based on strength and speed, far surpassing standard Wi-Fi options on Windows. With features like Engage mode, Rush option, and easy renaming of Wi-Fi profiles, it streamlines the process of managing and optimizing wireless networks. By ensuring that users are always connected to the best available network, WiFinian has established itself as an essential tool for every Windows user.


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