Update all Outdated Drivers on Windows 11/10 using Free WinZip Driver Updater

A Comprehensive Review of WinZip Driver Updater for Windows 11/10

In the evolving landscape of computer technology, updates are paramount for maintaining optimum system performance. Notably, with each rollout of Windows updates, there’s a parallel upgrade available for our device drivers, ensuring hardware compatibility and system stability. While the default system utilities often suffice for keeping these drivers up-to-date, some users may find it beneficial to leverage specialized tools to streamline the process. For those on the hunt for a dedicated freeware for this purpose, WinZip Driver Updater emerges as a commendable choice. Not only does it identify and replace outdated drivers, but it also does so with a user-friendly interface, making the task of driver updating a breeze on Windows 11/10.

WinZip Driver Updater for Windows 11 and 10


WinZip Driver Updater is a product from the makers of the WinZip compression tool, a software familiar to most of us. A significant number of users have adopted the WinZip compression tool for creating ZIP files, given its reliability and ease of use.

Upon downloading and installing the WinZip Driver Updater, users can immediately access crucial specifications of their computer or laptop. These details include the device’s model, processor, memory (RAM), system type (32-bit or 64-bit), operating system, graphics capabilities, and hard drive capacity, all conveniently displayed on the homepage.

Moreover, by clicking on “Start Scan Now,” users are presented with a comprehensive list of drivers on their PC. This list distinctly highlights which drivers are outdated and which are current. To further assist users, the program thoughtfully displays the version number of each driver alongside its name, ensuring clarity and easy reference.


With the list of drivers installed on your computer at your fingertips, updating them becomes a straightforward task. By simply clicking the “Update All” button, the software initiates the process of updating all drivers flagged as outdated. However, a word of caution: it’s advisable to selectively update only those drivers causing specific issues on your system. As an instance, if you’re encountering display problems, consider updating just the Display Adapters instead of updating all available drivers.

To focus on a specific driver update, clicking on the “Update” link beside the driver’s name will reveal detailed information about the available update. This ensures that you’re fully informed before proceeding with the update process.


Upon seeing the driver details displayed in the pop-up, you can proceed by clicking the “Update” button once you’re confident with the information provided. Subsequently, the software will manage the tasks of downloading and installing the necessary driver updates for you.

A standout feature of the WinZip Driver Updater is its commitment to system safety. Before installing any new driver, the tool diligently downloads the device driver, sets up a system restore point, and backs up the currently installed driver version. This meticulous process ensures that, in the unlikely event of an update causing disruptions, you have the safety net of restoring your computer to its prior functioning state. This built-in precaution truly accentuates the software’s user-centric approach, offering both convenience and peace of mind.


Once the drivers are installed, depending on their specifics, you might be prompted to reboot your computer to ensure the changes take full effect.

Moreover, the WinZip Driver Updater offers flexibility in case you’re not satisfied with the driver updates. If the newly installed drivers don’t meet your expectations or cause unforeseen issues, you have the option to revert to the previous versions. To achieve this, simply navigate to the “Backup” tab and click on the “Start Restore” button. This feature ensures that you can easily roll back any changes, providing an added layer of confidence when updating your drivers.

WinZip-Driver-Updater-Start-RestoreAfterward, select the desired backup in the list and click on the Load Backup button to restore.


You can also back up one or all of your system drivers using this free drivers software. For that, click the Backup tab and then click the Start Backup button.


Now, click on the Next button to proceed after selecting the complete backup or a specific driver option.


Download WinZip Driver Updater

You can download the accessible version of WinZip Driver Updater from its official website.


In today’s rapidly changing tech environment, keeping drivers updated is crucial for optimal system performance and hardware compatibility. WinZip Driver Updater provides a robust solution for those using Windows 11/10. Its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and commitment to safety make it an excellent choice for users. Whether you’re a casual user or a tech enthusiast, the ease of managing driver updates with this tool is commendable. By offering both driver update and backup functionalities, it ensures that users have a smooth and risk-free experience.

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