Unleash Your Creativity with ThunderSoft GIF Maker Giveaway

Transform your favorite images into captivating animated GIFs with ease using ThunderSoft GIF Maker. This user-friendly software allows you to effortlessly create animated GIFs from JPG, BMP, and PNG files. The best part? You can now get ThunderSoft GIF Maker for free in an exclusive giveaway. Let’s explore the exciting features of this tool and learn how you can bring your images to life with stunning animations.

User-Friendly Interface:

ThunderSoft GIF Maker boasts an intuitive interface that makes creating animated GIFs a breeze, even for beginners. With a few simple clicks, you can import your image files and start crafting your animations. The straightforward layout ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Wide Range of Supported Formats:

Whether you have JPG, BMP, or PNG files, ThunderSoft GIF Maker supports them all. This versatility allows you to work with various image formats and bring your creative vision to life. Simply choose your desired images, and ThunderSoft GIF Maker will handle the rest.

Customization Options:

ThunderSoft GIF Maker provides complete control over your animations. You can specify the duration for each frame, allowing you to control the speed and timing of the animation. Additionally, you can apply transparency settings to BMP and PNG files, creating GIFs with transparent backgrounds for seamless integration into any project.

Replay and Loop Options:

With ThunderSoft GIF Maker, you can decide how many times your animated GIF should replay. Choose between unlimited playback, a specific number of repetitions, or disabling looping altogether. This flexibility ensures your GIFs fit your intended purpose, whether it’s for social media, presentations, or personal enjoyment.

Effortless Size Customization:

ThunderSoft GIF Maker offers options to resize your GIFs according to your preferences. You can keep the original dimensions of the source images or scale them down to a quarter, half, double, triple, or even custom size. Adjusting the aspect ratio allows you to fine-tune the proportions of your animations, ensuring they look perfect in any context.

Get ThunderSoft GIF Maker for Free:

For a limited time, you can obtain ThunderSoft GIF Maker for free in an exclusive giveaway. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the giveaway version of ThunderSoft GIF Maker from this link.
  2. Install the software following the provided instructions and open the application.
  3. Input your email address and use the provided license code (G831VW0237YU05W0XX8Y40515).
  4. Enjoy all the fantastic features of ThunderSoft GIF Maker without spending a dime.


Unleash your creativity with ThunderSoft GIF Maker, a powerful yet user-friendly tool that empowers you to create stunning animated GIFs effortlessly. With its support for various image formats, customization options, and intuitive interface, this software is perfect for both beginners and advanced users. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grab ThunderSoft GIF Maker for free in this exclusive giveaway. Download it today and transform your images into captivating animated GIFs.

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