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TaskbarXI Turns your Windows 11 Taskbar into a macOS-like Dock

Unleashing the Power of TaskbarXI: Merging the macOS Dock with the Windows 11 Taskbar

The innate desire to personalize and tweak our digital workspace to suit our aesthetics and functionality needs often leaves us yearning for more flexibility. Windows 11, with its revamped taskbar, presents an elegant yet somewhat restrictive interface, offering users limited customization capabilities. For those accustomed to the adaptability and charm of the macOS dock, the Windows 11 taskbar might seem slightly underwhelming. But what if there was a way to meld the sophistication of the macOS dock with the functionality of the Windows taskbar? Enter TaskbarXI: a promising third-party tool designed to transform your Windows 11 taskbar into a macOS-like dock. As we delve deeper into this risewindows article, we’ll uncover the features and potentials of TaskbarXI. However, it’s worth noting that this application is still in its nascent stages, meaning users might encounter unexpected hiccups. But for the adventurous and those willing to ride on the edge of innovation, TaskbarXI offers an intriguing possibility.

TaskbarXI for Windows 11

Programmed in C++, the TaskbarXI is the successor to the TaskbarX application from the same developer, but TaskbarXI is still in an early development phase. It does not have a graphical interface yet.

It is a portable tool because there is no need to install it. To customize the taskbar, download this program from the GitHub (Link is provided at the end of this article) page and run it as an administrator.

When you run this application, the taskbar changes to a dock; however, the taskbar will look as usual when you have a maximized mode window. Again, when you minimize the window or switch to the desktop, the tool automatically shrinks the taskbar to a dock, with the wallpaper overflowing the edges. The system tray and clock appear as a secondary dock. Also, the edges of the dock get rounded.

TaskbarXI displays the taskbar on multiple monitors and supports the system tray and the clock. You can use them with a left-aligned taskbar. You must align the taskbar items to the left side by navigating to Windows 11’s Settings > Personalization > Taskbar.

This application works with Windows 11’s light and dark themes. However, there is no option to make any changes like the size of the taskbar, transparency, auto-hide, etc. After installing this application, it sits in the taskbar overflow (System tray). Click on its hidden icon, and click the Yes button on the pop-up window to close the application.

Features of TaskbarXI

  • Convert the Windows 11 Taskbar into a dock.
  • Move the tray/clock into a dock.
  • Support multiple monitors.
  • Aid separate DPI scaling.
  • Change back to normal on a maximized window.
  • Carry left and centered taskbar.
  • Tray icon to exit TaskbarXI and change to the default taskbar.

Upcoming features

  • Simple GUI to revert the settings.
  • Alter the taskbar background style and color.

Download TaskbarXI

If you like to try TaskbarXI, you can download this free application on GitHub.

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TaskbarXI offers a fresh perspective for Windows 11 users by bridging the aesthetics of macOS and the functionality of Windows. This application can convert the Windows taskbar into a dock, mirroring the design appeal of the macOS. Although it’s still in its early stages and lacks a graphical interface, it has gained attention for its innovative approach. As with any early-stage software, there may be some bugs or challenges, but the developer seems committed to its evolution with upcoming features. For those keen to reinvent their digital workspace, TaskbarXI might be an enticing option to consider.


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