Spelling and Grammar Checker Alternatives to Grammarly

Empowering Writers: A Comparative Look at Leading Digital Writing Tools

Clear and error-free writing is essential, especially in today’s digital age. Whether you’re drafting an email, penning a blog post, or creating web content, the precision of grammar and spelling makes all the difference. Tools designed to enhance your writing are invaluable. Grammarly, for instance, has emerged as a leading tool in this space, renowned for its proficiency in correcting grammatical errors. Offering both a free version and premium features, it has proven to be an effective solution for refining one’s writing, ensuring it’s polished and professional.

Grammarly stands out as one of the most powerful writing assistant tools available today. Whether you’re crafting a blog post, penning a book chapter, or proofreading an article, Grammarly ensures your grammar and spelling are on point. It offers both a complimentary version and a premium option.

Alternatives to Grammarly

Microsoft Editor: Spelling & Grammar Checker

Introduced in March 2020 by Microsoft, Microsoft Editor serves as an effective tool for proofreading and editing your written content. Recognized as a commendable alternative to Grammarly, it’s designed to refine and enhance your writing. Remarkably, it supports nearly 20 languages, including Spanish. Extensions for Microsoft Editor are available on browsers like Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Chrome. Moreover, dedicated apps for Android and iOS devices further expand its reach. Starting with its free version is a good idea, allowing you to explore its capabilities. If it meets or exceeds your expectations, you can then consider upgrading to the premium version.


Wordtune stands out as a tool dedicated to enhancing both grammar and writing style. Unlike Grammarly and some other tools, Wordtune offers unique suggestions to rewrite entire sentences, ensuring clarity and precise communication. It’s designed to fine-tune your content, allowing your intended message to shine through. Available in both free and premium versions, Wordtune can be accessed via its web extension and web editor, making it a versatile alternative to Grammarly.


LanguageTool serves as an efficient writing assistant, rivaling Grammarly in grammar correction and tone setting. It meticulously reviews grammar, spelling, and punctuation, while also offering style recommendations. This includes suggestions for active versus passive voice, and the removal of redundant words. Both free and premium versions are available. The paid tier introduces advanced features like tone evaluations, style analyses, synonym alternatives, detection of misspelled names, and spotting incorrect numbers. What sets LanguageTool apart is its ability to review an extensive range of languages and dialects.

Available across various platforms, you can access LanguageTool through web browser extensions, desktop applications for Windows and Mac, and plugins for software like Word, Google Docs, OpenOffice, and LibreOffice.

Additionally, LanguageTool goes beyond basic corrections. It enhances your content by suggesting synonyms for repetitive terms, providing succinct alternatives for lengthy sentences, and offering formal substitutes for everyday phrases, making it an all-encompassing tool for all your writing needs.


Readable is precisely what its name implies: a tool dedicated to analyzing and enhancing the readability of your content. It expertly identifies grammatical mistakes, suggests stylistic modifications, pinpoints usage of active versus passive voice, highlights writing clichés, and flags unnecessary adverbs. An added advantage of Readable is its capability to provide insights into keyword density, which is essential for SEO purposes. Furthermore, it’s adept at scrutinizing published web pages for errors by simply utilizing the URL.

However, a potential drawback of Readable is its limited access. It offers a 7-day trial, after which users must opt for the paid version. This limitation places it at a slight disadvantage when compared to some other Grammarly alternatives in terms of accessibility.

Hemingway Editor

Inspired by the iconic writer Ernest Hemingway, known for his crisp and straightforward prose, the Hemingway Editor is designed to streamline your writing. It spotlights convoluted sentences and refines your writing style, echoing Hemingway’s penchant for clarity over adornment. A unique feature is its readability score, which offers insights into the comprehensibility of your content and proposes the elimination of superfluous words.

The Hemingway Editor is accessible via its web platform, where you can paste and refine your content. While this online version is available for free, desktop applications for Windows and Mac come at a cost.


ProWritingAid emerges as a leading rival to Grammarly in the realm of writing assistance tools. While mirroring many of Grammarly’s capabilities, it sets itself apart by offering style suggestions even in its free version, a feature that Grammarly reserves for its premium users. ProWritingAid is available as a browser extension and seamlessly integrates with platforms like Microsoft.


WhiteSmoke stands out with its comprehensive suite of features encompassing grammar, spelling, plagiarism checks, style guidance, and translations. While it surpasses Grammarly in areas like translation capabilities, email, and document templates, it offers basic competencies in other domains. One notable limitation of WhiteSmoke is its lack of a free version, which often deters potential users. Currently exclusive as a paid tool, it remains to be seen whether the developers will introduce a complimentary tier to align with market competitors in the future.


Outwrite, formerly recognized as GradeProof, places a strong emphasis on enhancing writing style, readability, and sentence construction. It stands out by offering genuine style guidance and readability insights. Unique to its approach, it dissects sentences, prompting users with potential rewrites for better clarity. While its proficiency in grammar and spelling checks might not match Grammarly’s precision, Outwrite does present both free and premium versions, with the latter unlocking additional functionalities.

Slick Write

Slick Write stands out as a completely free alternative to Grammarly, without any premium tiers. Packed with impressive features at no cost, it excels in dissecting intricate sentences, offering rewrite suggestions, and performing thorough grammar, spelling, and style checks. One of its distinguishing features is its ability to curtail excessive adverb usage. Additionally, Slick Write provides valuable feedback on aspects like readability, average sentence length, and in-depth reports analyzing your content.


Ginger appears to be a fusion of Grammarly’s grammar-checking prowess with Wordtune’s rewriting capabilities. It streamlines your writing by performing fundamental grammar checks while suggesting potential sentence rewrites and synonyms for enhanced clarity. However, its free web extension version comes with a 600-word cap. Opting for the paid version lifts this restriction and empowers users to write in nearly 40 languages, including Spanish. Available as standalone applications, Ginger caters to both desktop and mobile users.


In today’s digitally-driven era, ensuring clarity and accuracy in writing is paramount. As demonstrated, there are numerous tools, with Grammarly leading the pack, each designed to enhance various facets of one’s writing. From the multi-lingual capabilities of Microsoft Editor and LanguageTool to the stylistic focus of Wordtune and Outwrite, these platforms cater to diverse writing needs. However, while some tools like Slick Write offer extensive features at no cost, others like Readable and WhiteSmoke come with limited access or a price tag. The vast array of options ensures that writers can find a tool tailored to their unique requirements, making the writing process more seamless and refined.


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