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How to Set “File Explorer” to open to “This PC” instead of “Quick Access” on Windows 11?

Customizing File Explorer's Start Page: Quick Access vs. This PC

On Windows 11, it’s possible to open the “This PC” page instead of the “Quick Access” page by changing the Folder Options settings. By default, File Explorer opens “Quick Access,” which contains your pinned folder locations and recent files. However, you can change the default settings to open the “This PC” page for quicker access to your profile folders, drives, and network locations.

However, if you have installed Windows 11 on your PC or a virtual machine, you might have noticed that when you open File Explorer using Windows + E shortcut keys or by clicking on its icon on the taskbar, it opens Quick Access by default instead of This PC.

Microsoft understands the requirements of their users, and hence they have provided an option to switch to “This PC” instead of “Quick Access.” That means by pressing the File Explorer icon from the taskbar or pressing the Windows + E shortcut keys, you can directly open “This PC.”

You can access default folders (Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, and Videos) and drives or partitions on the “This PC” window. In this risewindows article, you will learn the steps to start on This PC by default when opening File Explorer on Windows 11.

How to Set “File Explorer” to open to “This PC” instead of “Quick Access” on Windows 11?

Step 1. First, bring up the File Explorer window by pressing Windows + E keys simultaneously from the keyboard.

Alternatively, click on the File Explorer icon on the taskbar to launch it.

Step 2. Now, on the File Explorer window, click on the See more icon (three dots) and select Options from the drop-down menu.

Step 3. Then, in the Folder Options dialog box that opens after performing the above steps, select This PC from the drop-down menu of “Open File Explorer to.”

Step 4. After that, click Apply.

Step 5. Next, click OK.

After completing the above steps, when you open File Explorer by clicking on its icon on the taskbar or pressing Windows + E keys, you will see the “This PC” window. You can still access Quick Access, but you need to click on the left side pane of the “This PC” window.

It is also possible to open File Explorer at “This PC” Instead of Quick Access in Windows 10, but the steps are slightly different.


The advent of Windows 11 brought with it a plethora of nuanced changes, each aimed at enhancing the user experience. Among these changes was the default setting in File Explorer, which by default, opens the “Quick Access” page. While this is helpful for many who want a snapshot of their recent activities and pinned folders, some users prefer direct access to their drives, network locations, and standard profile folders without the intermediary step. Understanding the diverse needs of its vast user base, Microsoft offers flexibility in its settings, allowing users to redirect the default opening page to “This PC.” This simple yet impactful modification streamlines the navigation process, saving users those crucial few seconds, especially when on the go. For those who regularly interact with multiple drives or network locations, this tweak can be a game-changer. The process, as outlined in this risewindows guide, is straightforward, ensuring even the most novice of users can easily implement this change. Remember, adapting an OS to one’s preferences is the key to a seamless computing experience, and with Windows 11, personalizing your journey has never been easier.


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