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ScreenOff: Turns off Windows Laptop Screen with a Click

ScreenOff: Instantly Dim Your Laptop Display with a Click

In the digital realm of Windows 10 and 11, users have the flexibility to employ a batch file to extinguish the display of a laptop or computer. Desktop aficionados have the luxury of a dedicated button on their monitor for this purpose. However, for laptop users, the scenario is a tad different. Laptops, inherently, don’t come equipped with a dedicated button to solely switch off the monitor, posing a challenge for many. While the Windows operating system doesn’t offer a direct manual option to turn off the screen, users can resort to Windows Power Plans to set their screens to dim after a particular duration. But here’s a conundrum: What if you’re in a situation where you desire to promptly darken your laptop screen without engaging the lock or sleep mode? Enter ScreenOff: a simple tool that empowers you to shut off your Windows laptop screen with just a single click, filling this very gap.


Turn off Windows Laptop Screen on Windows 10/11

The freeware tool, ScreenOff, offers users the convenience of swiftly turning off their Windows laptop screen without transitioning it to sleep mode. Impressively compact, this utility is just 13KB in size. As a portable file, it requires no installation. Once downloaded, you can use this software to dim your screen on command. For ease of access, you can drag the tool to the Windows Taskbar. To deactivate the screen, simply click on its icon situated on the Taskbar.

Reactivating your computer or laptop is a breeze. A mere mouse movement or a keypress will suffice.

Moreover, the flexibility doesn’t stop there. Users have the option to create their own shortcut key to trigger this feature. A quick tip: before setting this up, it’s advisable to relocate your executable file to a different directory or the “Program Files” folder.

When you right-click on the ScreenOff executable file, select “Create shortcut” from the context menu.

When prompted, select Yes.

Following the previous action, a ScreenOff shortcut will be generated on your desktop.

To further configure it, right-click the ScreenOff shortcut on the Desktop and select “Properties” from the context menu.

In the Properties dialogue box that pops up, click or tap the “Shortcut” tab. Navigate to the “Shortcut key” box and click or tap inside it. Now, press any keyboard key (from A to Z). For example, if you press the “E” key on your keyboard, Windows will automatically append “Ctrl + Alt” to it, making the complete shortcut “Ctrl + Alt + E.”

To finalize your changes, click on “Apply” followed by the “OK” button.

Following the described steps, a ScreenOff shortcut will be established on your desktop.

Utilizing the shortcut key combination you established in the previous example, you can effortlessly switch off the laptop or computer monitor. To reactivate the monitor, either move the mouse cursor or press any key on the keyboard.

Download ScreenOff

Click here to download the ScreenOff freeware.


In the intricate digital landscape of Windows 10 and 11, having the power to control your display can streamline the user experience. While desktop users enjoy a straightforward method with a dedicated button to turn off their monitor, laptop users often grapple with the absence of this feature. ScreenOff emerges as a beacon of simplicity and utility in this scenario, providing a quick solution for those moments when you wish to dim your screen without resorting to sleep mode or other system-wide actions. This compact yet potent tool demonstrates that sometimes the most impactful solutions are also the simplest. Whether you’re keen on preserving battery, reducing distractions, or merely pausing for a moment, ScreenOff is your go-to solution for Windows laptop displays.


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