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Free Giveaway Privacy Protector: All-in-one Tool to Fix Privacy Issues on Windows 11 PC

Reclaim Your Privacy: Unveiling the Power of Privacy Protector for Windows 11 and 10

With the evolution of digital technology, the safeguarding of one’s personal data and online activities has taken the spotlight. Microsoft’s introduction of Windows 11 was met with a mix of enthusiasm for its advanced features and concerns about its perceived intrusive nature. A significant cause for concern was the system’s built-in features that collected and sent user-specific data to Microsoft. To address these growing concerns, SoftOrbits developed the Privacy Protector tool. In this article, we take a deep dive into the benefits and features of this all-in-one tool that aims to bridge the privacy gap for users of Windows 11.

The Privacy Concerns with Windows 11

Windows 11, although technologically advanced, was embroiled in controversy due to certain features that collected data on user activities and relayed this information back to Microsoft. This data collection was performed without clear warnings, an exhaustive privacy policy, and most critically, without an official option to completely disable the logging. Such actions raised significant alarms among global privacy advocates.

Introducing SoftOrbits’ Privacy Protector

SoftOrbits’ Privacy Protector emerges as a beacon of hope in this scenario. This all-encompassing tool is meticulously designed to address and remedy privacy issues prevalent in Windows 11. What’s even more appealing is that while the standard cost of this software is $14.99, SoftOrbits is currently running a promotional giveaway, allowing users to secure their PCs at absolutely no cost.

Key Features of Privacy Protector

  • Telemetry Control: It can efficiently delete or deactivate telemetry, subsequently clearing the DiagTrack Log.
  • Broad Spectrum Service Blocks: Capable of stopping, blocking, or removing over 37 distinct tracking services. This includes the likes of Cortana background services and Windows Search, among others.
  • Disabling Keyloggers: Ensures Microsoft can’t gather data that users type, providing a secure typing environment.
  • Mastery Over Windows Tools: Provides the option to disable Windows Defender, Cortana, and even Windows Update, giving users greater control over their systems.
  • Selective Windows Update Rollbacks: Can revert specific Windows Updates that come with tracking features.
  • Microsoft Office Control: It can limit certain telemetry and tracking modules present in Microsoft Office 2016.
  • OneDrive & Bing Manipulation: Users can uninstall OneDrive and even disable Bing Search.
  • Optimized App Management: It grants the ability to uninstall built-in apps, enhancing system performance.
  • Safety Protocols: Before any system changes are made, a Restore Point is automatically created.
  • User-Centric Controls: While most fixes can be reverted if necessary, some provide permanent solutions for added security.

How to Use Privacy Protector?

Step 1: Start by downloading the Privacy Protector tool.

Step 2: Follow through with the standard installation process.

Step 3: Upon launching the software, users will be prompted to click the “Register” button.

Step 4: Input the provided license code to unlock the full version.

Step 5. To get the license code, visit the giveaway page and click the “Request full version key” button.

Step 6. Once done, you will receive an email from SoftOrbits. Click the confirmation link. After that, enter your first and last name and hit the “Done” button. The giveaway page will display the license code.

Why Choose SoftOrbits’ Privacy Protector?

In the contemporary digital landscape, the importance of maintaining personal online privacy cannot be overstated. While Windows 11 offers a plethora of features aimed at enhancing user experience, they simultaneously pose risks in terms of data privacy. SoftOrbits’ Privacy Protector serves as the perfect antidote to these concerns, offering users a tool that’s comprehensive yet user-friendly.

By equipping users with the power to monitor and control the data sent to Microsoft, Privacy Protector ensures that Windows 11 users can enjoy their systems’ advanced features without compromising their privacy. The tool is a testament to SoftOrbits’ commitment to championing user privacy in the digital age.


In a world increasingly defined by digital interactions, ensuring personal data’s sanctity becomes paramount. Windows 11, while technologically commendable, have raised valid privacy concerns. SoftOrbits’ Privacy Protector emerges as a holistic solution, designed to mitigate these concerns and allow users to experience the best of Windows 11 without any apprehensions.


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