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Optimize Your PC Easily with Glary Utilities Pro Free Giveaway

Unleashing the Power of Glary Utilities Pro for Optimal PC Performance

Optimizing your computer might seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re not well-versed in the intricacies of system maintenance. However, there are tools available that simplify this process for everyday users, and Glary Utilities Pro stands out as a leading choice among them. Glary Utilities Pro is a powerful Windows maintenance tool designed to optimize your PC’s performance. Whether you’re dealing with pesky slowdowns, storage bursting at the seams with clutter, or a tangled web of registry issues, this software is your lifeline to get your system up and running efficiently. Boasting a user-friendly interface and robust modules, Glary Utilities Pro provides an arsenal of features dedicated to ensuring your PC remains in peak condition. Dive into this article as we delve into the standout functionalities of Glary Utilities Pro and demonstrate how it can significantly uplift your Windows user experience.

Streamlined Interface for Easy Navigation

Upon installing Glary Utilities Pro, you’ll immediately be greeted by its compact and user-friendly interface. The software is neatly organized into distinct modules, ensuring effortless navigation and targeted optimization of specific PC aspects. With its intuitive layout, accessing essential tools becomes a breeze, enhancing your PC maintenance experience and boosting overall system performance.

The following modules are included in Glary Utilities Pro:-

  • Startup Manager
  • Registry Repair
  • Disk Cleanup
  • Context Menu Manager
  • Disk Space Analyzer
  • Process Manager
  • Uninstall Manager
  • Software Update
  • Browser Assistant
  • Tracks Eraser
  • Malware Remover
  • Driver Manager
  • Shortcut Fixer
  • Duplicate Files Finder
  • Empty Folders Finder
  • Quick Search
  • File Undelete
  • File Splitter
  • Check Disk
  • Disk Defrag
  • File Encrypter
  • File Shredder
  • System Information
  • Undo Changes
  • Memory Optimizer
  • Registry Defrag

Key Modules for PC Optimization

Startup Manager


Manage your PC’s startup programs efficiently. Enable, disable, or delete startup entries to improve performance and boot times. You can also conveniently handle Scheduled Tasks, Plug-Ins, Application Services, and Windows Services.

Registry Repair

Glary-Utilities-Registry-RepairClean and fix registry issues that can impact system performance. Glary Utilities Pro helps optimize your registry, enhancing your PC’s overall stability and speed.

Disk Cleanup

Glary-Utilities-Disk-CleanupFree up valuable disk space by removing unwanted system files. Clear out temporary files, error reports, memory dumps, and more with the Disk Cleanup tool. You can select specific files to clean or perform a comprehensive cleanup to reclaim space effectively.

Context Menu Manager

Glary-Utilities-Context-Menu-ManagerTake control of your right-click context menu by editing entries for files and folders. Customize the “New” and “Sent To” menus effortlessly, ensuring a streamlined experience when interacting with files. Alternatively, you can use the “Easy Context Menu” tool for additional right-click menu management.

Disk Space Analyzer

Glary-Utilities-Disk-Space-AnalyzerAnalyze your hard disk usage in detail with a graphical chart. The Disk Space Analyzer provides a visual breakdown of disk usage by categories such as Windows files, Program Files, and more. This helps you identify space-consuming data and manage your storage effectively.

Process Manager

Monitor and manage running programs on your PC. The Process Manager allows you to identify and terminate unwanted processes, providing better control over your system’s resources. It’s handy for preventing spyware and Trojans from running in the background.

Uninstall Manager

Glary-Utilities-Uninstall-ManagerCompletely remove unnecessary programs from your PC with the Uninstall Manager. The “Batch Uninstall” function also enables you to uninstall multiple software applications simultaneously. You can rely on freeware options like Wise Program Uninstaller or Revo Uninstaller for thorough program removal.

Software Update

Stay up to date with the latest software versions using Glary Utilities Pro’s Software Update tool. It scans your computer for installed programs and notifies you when updates are available. You can conveniently download updates from within the software, eliminating the need for manual searching and updating.

Browser Assistant

Glary-Utilities-Browser-AssistantEffortlessly manage web browser settings and add-ons with the Browser Assistant module. It provides access to popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Firefox, allowing you to customize browser elements like toolbars, context menus, and search engines. You can also restore hijacked browser settings and safeguard your browsing experience.

Tracks Eraser

This functionality of Glary Utilities removes the privacy entries from your PC and secures your private data over the internet.

Malware Remover

The Malware Remover feature of this tool scans your PC for Malware and removes it from your computer. This function lets you back up a file before deleting it to restore them if it is essential to you. IObit Malware Fighter is another powerful app to protect your PC from viruses, ransomware, spyware, Trojans, adware, and worms. If you notice your computer is infected with malware, you should try it.

Driver Manager

Glary-Utilities-Driver-ManagerGlary Utilities’ Driver Manager is another powerful tool enabling you to update, uninstall, backup, and restore drivers. This function scans your computer and checks with its own maintained database if a driver needs an update.

Shortcut Fixer

Using this function of Glary Utilities, you can search for all shortcuts on your PC and delete or fix broken ones in a single click.

Duplicate Files Finder

Duplicate Files Finder searches your computer for space-wasting and error-producing duplicate files.

Empty Folders Finder

Glary Utilities’ empty Folders Finder option allows users to find and remove empty folders in their Windows machines. It is always safe to delete empty folders, although you will not earn any space on your hard disk as they occupy 0 bytes. It is good housekeeping, and you can go ahead if you see it is unwanted.

You can use the Quick Search option as an alternative to Windows’ default File Explorer search. It separates your search results into Shortcuts, Music, Pictures, Programs, Videos, Archives, etc.

File Undelete

As the name suggests, the File Undelete function helps users to recover deleted files and folders from a computer. It provides a search box to find the file. If Glary Utilities Pro is unable to recover the deleted files, you can consider using one of the famous freeware Recuva, MiniTool Power Data Recovery, or Wondershare Recoverit.

File Splitter

You can split bigger files into small chunks using the File Splitter function. This feature is helpful for those who want to store bigger file parts on different hard disks or USB flash drives. You can also use the WinRAR software to split the bigger files into small pieces.

Check Disk

Check Disk scans of your hard drive and its file system for errors. Once an error is detected on the hard disk, it will automatically fix to prevent data loss.

Disk Defrag

Due to the SSDs structure, it does not get fragmented, so you don’t need to defragment it. However, if you use HDDs, you can use this function to defrag the HDDs and speed up the overall system performance. Alternatively, you can utilize one of the free defragmentation tools.

File Encrypter

The File Encrypter function helps protect files and folders with a password.

File Shredder

File Shredder helps erase files or folders permanently from PCs so that no one can recover them.

System Information

Glary-Utilities-System-InformationThe System Information function scans your PC, collects information, and presents it to you neatly. O&O DeskInfo and Speccy are freeware tools that gently show the full system information.

Undo Changes

Undo Changes option offers to create and use System Restore Points.

Registry Defrag

Registry Defrag is the last function that Glary Utilities provides. Using this feature, you can defrag the Windows Registry to reduce fragmentation, correct structural errors, and recover unused memory space.

1-Click Maintenance

The best part of this freeware that I would like is 1-Click Maintenance. It combines features that let you run at once on your PC. If you have a little time to optimize your PC, you can activate the 1-Click Maintenance, and your PC will be tuned for a few minutes.

Free License of Glary Utilities Pro 5

To avail of Glary Utilities Pro 5 free, download the latest version of this tool from its official website. Then, install it on your computer and launch the tool. Finally, using the below-mentioned license key, you can activate this app:-

Name: RiseWindows

License Code: 8788-6167-9588-0808-FEB6-2023





Additional Tools for Enhanced PC Maintenance

Glary Utilities Pro offers several other tools to enhance your PC’s health and performance. These tools include Tracks Eraser for privacy protection, Malware Remover for scanning and eliminating malware, Driver Manager for updating and managing drivers, Shortcut Fixer for repairing broken shortcuts, Duplicate Files Finder for eliminating space-wasting duplicates, and Empty Folders Finder for cleaning up empty directories.


Glary Utilities Pro is a comprehensive and user-friendly Windows optimization tool that helps you keep your PC running smoothly. With its diverse modules and streamlined interface, you can easily manage startup programs, clean up your system, optimize registry settings, uninstall unwanted software, and much more. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, Glary Utilities Pro provides a range of features to improve your PC’s performance. Download Glary Utilities Pro today and experience the benefits of efficient PC maintenance.

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