Microsoft PC Manager is a 1-click Optimizer for Windows 11 and 10

Microsoft PC Manager: The Ultimate 1-Click Optimizer for Windows 10 and 11 Users

In an age where computer performance is paramount, Microsoft has rolled out its innovative solution to ensure optimal system performance. Introducing Microsoft PC Manager: a 1-click optimizer explicitly crafted for Windows 10 and 11 users. This powerful tool from Microsoft boasts an array of features, from Optimization and Junk removal to Virus removal, all tailored to enhance the speed and efficiency of your computer. Currently available as a free download via the Microsoft China website, this software is undergoing its Public Beta phase, showcasing Microsoft’s commitment to user-driven development. If you’ve been searching for an all-inclusive tool to streamline your PC’s operation, look no further. Risewindows presents the 1-click Optimizer — an all-in-one recommendation and bundled tool set designed to keep your computer at peak performance.

Microsoft PC Manager for Windows 11 and 10

Microsoft PC Manager is a one-click optimization tool encompassing various functions such as optimization, junk clearance, virus removal, and more to enhance your computer’s speed. While it’s available for free download on Microsoft’s Chinese website, it’s currently in Public Beta. Hence, it’s advisable to download it solely for evaluation.

Features of Microsoft PC Manager

The Microsoft PC Manager includes the following features:-

One-click Boost: Clears system clutter, frees up system resources, and pledges to restore your Windows to its original speed.

Health Check: It swiftly identifies computer issues, clears out junk (including Windows cache, browser cache, temporary files, and system logs), detects viruses, and addresses system risks & challenges with a single click. Additionally, it suggests deactivating startup applications.

Storage management: This tool assists in thoroughly cleaning system storage, managing bulky files, identifying and aiding in the removal of seldom-used apps, thus freeing up computer storage space.

Process management: This tool allows you to swiftly identify inactive processes and terminate them with a single mouse click, enhancing your system’s performance.

Browser Protection: It identifies your current default browser and assists in preventing modifications by harmful apps. Additionally, it simplifies the process of changing your default browser.

Professional virus removal: Microsoft PC Manager incorporates Windows Defender definitions to safeguard your computer.

Startup apps: This tool allows you to swiftly deactivate startup applications, enhancing your system’s boot speed.

Windows Update: This informs you about available updates for your Windows or driver components and facilitates their installation.

This software provides a comprehensive suite of features, excluding a Registry Cleaner.

After downloading and launching this application on your computer, under the “Cleanup” tab, you’ll encounter the following options:-

  • Health check,
  • Storage management,
  • Process management and
  • Startup apps.

You will see options for Windows Update and Browser Protection under the Security tab.

Subsequently, within the PC Manager settings, you can configure the app to launch automatically upon signing into Windows. Additionally, you have the option to enable automatic updates for this software.

On the application’s main interface, a distinct “Boost” button allows for a quick release of RAM and deletion of temporary files.

Download Microsoft PC Manager

You can download Microsoft PC Manager from its Chinese website.


Microsoft PC Manager offers an integrated solution for Windows 10 and 11 users, aiming to optimize computer performance in just one click. The software, currently in its Public Beta phase, is freely available on Microsoft’s Chinese website. With features ranging from optimization to junk removal and virus protection, this tool is set to become a must-have for those looking to keep their PC in peak condition.


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