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iTop PDF VIP Giveaway: Grab your FREE copy here!

Unlock the Full Potential of PDF Management with iTop PDF VIP's Exclusive Giveaway.

In today’s digital age, managing and editing PDFs has become an integral part of both personal and professional endeavors. Enter iTop PDF – a comprehensive software that not only serves as a PDF viewer but also as an editor and converter. This versatile tool bundles a plethora of PDF-centric features to simplify your tasks. Whether you’re looking to view a document, make edits, annotate, or even convert it to a different format, iTop PDF VIP has got you covered. But here’s the catch: while this powerhouse offers a myriad of functionalities, it typically comes with a price tag.

But fret not! At risewindows, we’re always on the lookout to bring our readers the best deals and free solutions. Today, we’re excited to present an exclusive opportunity for our readers to get their hands on iTop PDF VIP without spending a dime. However, there’s a slight twist: this free access is available only for the first 100 users who act swiftly and use the registration details provided later in this post. This free license will be valid for three months, after which you’d need to consider a paid subscription to continue enjoying the premium features. So, let’s dive deeper into what iTop PDF VIP offers and how you can secure your free copy!

iTop PDF: Your Comprehensive PDF Toolkit

iTop PDF emerges as a holistic tool for all your PDF needs, combining the capabilities to easily edit, view, convert, annotate, and much more into one user-friendly platform. Not only does it act as a robust converter, seamlessly transitioning between PDFs and an array of file formats like Word, Excel, PPT, Text, and Images, but it also empowers you to craft impeccable PDF documents. Users can enhance content by inserting text, images, diverse annotations, links, and even customize with distinct stamps or watermarks.

The ubiquity of the Portable Document Format (PDF) isn’t unwarranted. A PDF document maintains its layout and content consistency, irrespective of the device or software it’s viewed on, and typically occupies less storage compared to other file formats.

Although recent Windows versions come equipped with PDF viewing features, there’s still an undeniable utility in possessing a standalone desktop application tailored for PDF tasks. Given its exhaustive editor, and the prowess to both convert and compress PDF files, iTop PDF stands out as a top contender for the ultimate PDF toolkit.

Designed with user convenience and efficiency at its core, iTop PDF boasts a modern, Metro-style interface. This design intuitively groups the software’s myriad functions, ranging from its editor and compression tools to various converters. When you launch a PDF within it, the application transitions to its viewer mode, offering the standard selection, zoom, and resize features. Users can navigate between pages or opt for a multi-page view. Moreover, for those clocking in extensive screen time, iTop PDF thoughtfully presents different viewing modes – dark, light, and eye-care – aiming to minimize eye fatigue.

Integrated within the application is a bidirectional PDF converter, capable of exporting to formats like Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, plain text, and images. Conversely, it can also metamorphose non-PDF files into the desired PDF format.

One of its highlights remains the embedded editor. With it, users can enrich their PDFs by adding elements such as text fields and imagery. Tools enable cropping specific sections, embedding watermarks, appending links, and even bookmarking certain segments.

Complementing its vast feature set, iTop PDF facilitates an efficient comment management system. Annotations can range from highlighting vital notes, employing the freehand tool for bespoke drawings, to inserting text boxes, stamps, and attachments. For those concerned about security, the Encrypt functionality allows password setting, while the Redaction feature ensures concealment of sensitive data.

Free License of iTop PDF VIP

First, download and install the PDF from its official website to avail of the free copy of this PDF Editor. Then, sign in to this application using the following details:-

Licene #1: License key for 1-year:
Email: 2023back2school4@itoppdf.com
Password: BcCZtn6N
Expiration date: Sep 1st, 2024

License #2: License key for 1-year:
Email: 2023back2school3@itoppdf.com
Password: wnDhEKHm
Expiration date: Aug 31st, 2024

License #3: License key for 6 months:
Email: 2023back2school2@itoppdf.com
Password: CjfRPRsk
Expiration date: Feb 29, 2024

License #4: License key for 6 months:
Email: 2023back2school1@itoppdf.com
Password: aQTw4DWJ
Expiration date: Feb 29, 2024

With iTop PDF VIP, explore an extensive suite of capabilities, from PDF viewing and editing to conversion and protection. Seize the chance for a complimentary 1-year license of iTop PDF VIP!


In wrapping up, the dynamic capabilities of iTop PDF stand as a testament to its reputation as an all-in-one PDF management tool. In a world where digital documentation dominates, having a reliable, comprehensive, and intuitive tool like iTop PDF can drastically elevate our document handling experience. From viewing and editing to converting and ensuring security, it encapsulates all essential features seamlessly. And while quality often comes at a price, the exclusive giveaway presented by risewindows offers a rare opportunity to tap into premium features without any financial outlay. So, for those looking to revolutionize their PDF experience, now is the opportune moment to act swiftly, avail the free license, and immerse in the robust offerings of iTop PDF VIP. Don’t let this golden chance slip away!


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