iObit Driver Booster Free: Let’s Keep your PC Drivers Updated on Windows 11/10/8/7

Revitalize Your PC: The Power of iObit Driver Booster for Seamless Driver Updates

You know that a hardware component is useless without a proper driver as a driver is the one that ensures that the hardware components, such as display adapter, network or ethernet card, WiFi adapter, USB ports, etc., work properly. So many drivers updating software are available on the internet, for example, Snappy Driver Installer, DriverBackup, Double Driver, and DriverMax. Microsoft ships updated drivers with every Windows 11/10 update, but that won’t be enough to keep your computer or laptop updated. That is why you get an option to stop the automatic update on Windows 10. You can use the built-in options if you want to control the automatic updates of the drivers with every Windows 11/10 update, but we recommend you not do that. However, if you still want to stop them, you should use a third-party tool to keep your computer or notebook updated.

It would help if you always opted for a good quality application, free or paid, to run your computer smoothly. IObit Driver Booster is another software we suggest using to keep your PC drivers updated without any hassles. This risewindows article will tell you all about that:-

iObit Driver Booster Free

IObit Driver Booster Free, as the name suggests, is a freeware tool and is exclusively available to use on Windows PC. It works for both the 32-bit and 64-bit architecture and is compatible with every Windows OS from Windows XP to Windows 10.

If your system performance is not quite impressive, this may be a sign that you need to get your drivers updated. It is where the IObit Driver Booster Free comes in handy. Display resolution and lousy sound quality are the main reason for outdated display adapters and missing sound card drivers.

To improve the performance of your computer, IObit Driver Booster stores a database for more than 3,500,000 device drivers and game components. All the stored drivers on the IObit database come from the official manufacturers’ websites and have passed the Microsoft WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) test and IObit test to ensure authority and security.

iObit Driver Booster: Scan and Update

If you want to scan your computer for outdated drivers, you can do it by finding the SCAN button on the IObit Driver Booster home screen. Once you do that, it will check each component driver’s version, match the database, and represent a list of the device that needs an update or is up-to-date. It will update all the outdated drivers at once. Suppose you have too many hardware drivers to update. In that case, you can select “Automatically reboot PC” or “Automatically shut down PC” to restart or shut down your computer after completing the updates.

It will download the required drivers as per your requirements and install them on your PC. You can select the option “Automatically reboot PC” or “Automatically shut down PC” to restart or shut down your computer after completing the updates. It will be helpful if you have too many drivers to update.

One should note that this tool also creates a system restore point for you before updating the driver.

Driver Booster: Tools

iObit Driver Booster fixes various problems like insufficient resolution, no sound, and network failure, and that too on a single click. You can also clean all plugged device data. Further, you can also find your PC hardware details by clicking on the “System information” button.

You also export the system information in an HTML file, which you can further share with someone else. You can keep it on your PC for future reference if you want.


You can find the OS details in the System Information Report along with many other elements like processor, graphics adapter, screen resolution, RAM (Memory), storage, mouse, keyboard, motherboard, BIOS (Basic Input Output System), hard disk make, hard disk size, WiFi, Ethernet, etc.

iObit Driver Booster: Final Thoughts

The IObit Driver Booster advises installing the in-house products once you run it. However, you can say that it’s not as problematic since they are pop-ups. It is one of the best software available out there. You have to ignore the advertisements. It is also compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems, including Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

Download IObit Driver Booster Free

You can get The IObit Driver Booster from its official website. On a side note, IObit provides a free license for IObit Driver Booster 9 Pro.

Note: IObit is providing a free license for IObit Driver Booster Pro for a limited period.


To ensure optimal performance and functionality, keeping your system drivers updated is paramount. While Windows does offer periodic driver updates, utilizing third-party software can often yield more comprehensive results. iObit Driver Booster Free stands out as a robust tool that not only updates drivers but also resolves common hardware-related issues. Its extensive database and user-friendly interface make it an ideal choice for users ranging from novices to tech enthusiasts. Despite the occasional in-app advertisements, its efficacy in ensuring a smooth, hassle-free computing experience is undeniable. For anyone seeking an efficient way to keep their system drivers updated and issues at bay, the iObit Driver Booster is certainly worth a try.


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