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How to Wrap Text in Microsoft Excel?

Utilizing the 'Wrap Text' Feature in Excel for Enhanced Data Presentation

Working with Microsoft Excel often involves dealing with an array of data, from concise numbers to more extended textual content. If you’ve ever input lengthy text into an Excel cell, you’ve likely witnessed it overflowing, overlapping with the neighboring cell, and turning a potentially neat spreadsheet into an unclear mess. Such overlapping not only hampers readability but can also disrupt the overall presentation of your data. Enter the solution: the ‘Wrap Text’ feature. RiseWindows recognizes this common predicament and presents the Wrap Text app, designed to seamlessly manage long texts within cells. Instead of tediously expanding cell widths, which can result in an unwieldy spreadsheet, Wrap Text smartly adjusts these texts to be displayed in multiple lines within the same cell. Picture this: you’ve pasted the initial lines of this article into cells A1 and B1. Without the ‘Wrap Text’ feature, the content spills over multiple cells, making it nearly incomprehensible. This might be manageable for a brief document, but imagine the chaos with larger spreadsheets filled with columns galore! That’s where the Wrap Text tool shines, ensuring your texts remain legibly contained within their designated cells.

How to Wrap Text in Microsoft Excel?

Follow these steps to Wrap Text in Microsoft Excel:-

Step 1: First, open the Excel worksheet that you are facing trouble with.

Step 2: Next, select the cell by clicking on it. You can also select multiple cells at the same time. It will populate the cell you want to wrap the texts in. For example, we have chosen Cell A1 and B1.

Step 3: Click on the Wrap Text. You’ll find it in the Alignment group of the Home tab.

Alternatively, select the cell(s) and press the Alt + H + W key combination on your keyboard.

Once you have wrapped all the texts in the cell(s), it will no longer overlap with other cells.

The good news is you won’t even require changing the settings of the text wrap if you decide to alter the width of the cells; it will automatically adjust to the new dimensions.

You can use the line break function to adjust the texts in the cells manually. But, if you plan on decreasing the width of the column, you might want to adjust the cell’s contents again, resonating with the cell’s width. To insert a line break, place your cursor where you would like the line to break. To use the line break function, place the cursor on the point where you want to break the line. You can take the example of Cell A1. You have the data “Gear Up Windows.” Let’s say you want to break the line after “Gear Up.” To do that, double-click on Cell A1 and place the cursor after “Gear Up.” Lastly, press Alt + Enter simultaneously. You will now see the terms “Gear Up” and “Windows” in different lines.


Microsoft Excel’s ‘Wrap Text’ feature is a valuable tool for anyone dealing with extensive textual data in their spreadsheets. Whether you’re importing long textual strings or just inputting sentences, the ability to wrap text ensures that your data remains clear, legible, and within its designated cells. It eliminates the messy overflow, enhancing readability and the overall presentation of your data. Additionally, with shortcuts and alternatives like the Alt + Enter combination, customizing your data’s display becomes a breeze, making data management in Excel more efficient and aesthetically pleasing.


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