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How to View Saved Passwords in Firefox?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Viewing Your Saved Passwords in Firefox.

Using the internet often requires signing in to different platforms and services. With a plethora of accounts, remembering passwords can be challenging. However, modern web browsers like Mozilla Firefox have made this hassle-free. Firefox accounts allow you to access Mozilla services on any device with the Firefox browser by simply signing in. All that’s required to create a Firefox account is an email address and a password. Once you enter your login details on a web page in the Mozilla Firefox browser, it prompts you to save that password. Consequently, when you revisit that web page, Firefox can automatically complete the sign-in credentials if you’ve opted to save your password earlier.

However, there are instances when we switch devices or browsers and end up forgetting our passwords. But worry not! If you’ve previously saved your password in Firefox, you can effortlessly retrieve it, be it on Windows 11, 10, Macs, or Linux operating systems. In this risewindows article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to view your saved passwords in the Mozilla Firefox browser.

How to View Your Saved Password in Firefox?

Do these steps to see a saved password in the Firefox browser:-

Step 1. Open the Firefox browser on your PC.

Step 2. Tap on the Open application menu button (Three horizontal lines) to pick Passwords in the drop-down menu.

Step 3. Once you complete the above steps, the “Logins & Passwords” tab will appear. Here, you will see a list of sites with stored account information in the left sidebar. Tap on the account you’d like to see in more detail.

After completing that, you will see details about that account in the right sidebar. This info includes the website address, the username, and a password hidden by default for security reasons. To reveal the password, press the eye icon beside the password.

If you want to copy the password, just click the Copy button beside the password.

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Mozilla Firefox provides an efficient and secure way to store your passwords across devices. The in-built feature of saving and viewing passwords makes the user experience seamless and eliminates the hassle of remembering each credential for different platforms. With just a few clicks, users can retrieve their saved passwords, ensuring they’re never locked out of their accounts even if they switch devices. Always remember to use this feature responsibly, considering the safety of your personal information.


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