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How to View or Recover Windows 11 or 10 Product Key using ProduKey?

Discovering Embedded Windows Product Keys with ProduKey

In the evolving journey of Windows Operating Systems, there have been numerous changes that users have adapted to over the years. Delve into the days of Windows 7 and prior, every PC would proudly flaunt a Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) sticker, a testament to its genuine nature. This CoA was the window to the all-important Product Key – the alphanumeric code essential for system validations and activations. Fast-forward to the era of Windows 8 and beyond, and you’ll notice a marked absence of this sticker. It’s not that the Product Key ceased to exist; rather, manufacturers cleverly embedded it within the PC’s UEFI firmware, making it invisible during casual UEFI explorations.

While this change was more secure and convenient, it posed a unique challenge. Picture this: You’re about to embark on a clean installation of the brand new Windows 11, brimming with excitement, only to realize you don’t have the product key for activation. Fret not! The key hasn’t disappeared; it’s discreetly nestled within your computer. And there are tools designed precisely to unveil this hidden treasure. Among the frontrunners is ProduKey. A remarkable freeware, akin to the Windows 11/10 Product Key Tool, ProduKey stands out for its prowess in excavating the Windows 11/10 product key straight from the BIOS/EFI, ensuring you’re never stranded without a key during essential OS installations.

Recover Windows 11/10 Product Key using ProduKey

Absolutely, Produkey stands out as a reliable and straightforward utility to retrieve product keys for your Windows OS and Microsoft Office suite. Unlike many other tools in the market that are cluttered with ads or questionable functionality, Produkey provides a clean interface and efficient performance. By swiftly fetching the product keys, it allows users to maintain a backup or use them during software reinstallation. Given its no-cost feature and the absence of ads, it’s a go-to tool for many who need quick access to their product keys. As always, after retrieving these keys, it’s crucial to store them securely and avoid sharing them to safeguard your software licenses.

Download ProduKey

ProduKey is available from the Nirsoft website. You can download it from here.

You can also check out Belarc Advisor, which helps you find product keys for your Windows 11/10.


The evolution of Windows Operating Systems has seen various changes, particularly in the method of product key storage. The older CoA stickers made way for embedded product keys within the PC’s UEFI firmware, introduced in the Windows 8 era. For users looking to retrieve these keys, tools like ProduKey offer a reliable solution. This utility fetches the product key from the BIOS/EFI, ensuring that users are not left in a lurch during important OS installations. Users are encouraged to keep their product keys secure and use reliable tools like ProduKey for retrieval purposes.


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