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How to Use Rufus to Disable TPM, Secure Boot and RAM Checks on Bootable Windows 11 USB Drive?

Using Rufus to Bypass Windows 11's Hardware Requirements.

The launch of Windows 11 came with a series of stringent system requirements, particularly regarding TPM, Secure Boot, and RAM, which left many older but still robust hardware devices ineligible for the upgrade. A workaround had been to manually remove the appraiserres.dll file from the Windows ISO to bypass these restrictions. However, recent advancements have simplified this process. Rufus, a widely recognized tool for creating bootable USB drives, has introduced official support to bypass these very checks during the creation of a Windows 11 bootable drive. With this feature, users can now circumvent the need to modify the ISO and directly install Windows 11 on unsupported hardware. However, since Rufus’s new version is still in beta, users might occasionally encounter a bug. In this risewindows guide, we’ll delve into the process of using Rufus to disable TPM, Secure Boot, and RAM checks on a bootable Windows 11 USB drive.

How to Make a Windows 11 Bootable USB drive with TPM, Secure Boot, and RAM Checks Disabled?

Those who couldn’t install Windows 11 due to Microsoft’s minimum hardware requirements can now use the latest version of Rufus. To create a bootable USB drive for Windows 11 that bypasses these system requirements, follow these complete steps:-

Step 1. Firstly, download the latest version of Rufus utility from its official website.

Step 2. Then, download the Windows 11 ISO from the Microsoft website if you have not already done it.

Step 3. After that, when downloading is complete, navigate to the “Downloads” folder and double-click on the executable file of Rufus.

Step 4. Next, connect the USB flash drive to your PC with at least 8 GB of free storage.

Quick Note: If any valuable data is available in your flash drive, it will erase when creating bootable USB media. Please ensure that you take a backup of your data before proceeding with further steps.

Step 5. Now, Rufus will automatically detect your PC’s inserted USB flash drive. So, click the Select button beside “Disk or ISO image (Please select).”

Step 6. Then, in the File Explorer window, select the Windows 11 ISO file and click the Open button.

Step 7. Once the ISO file loads in the Rufus utility, the rest of the options will be automatically selected.

Step 8. After that, you need to choose the option “Extended Windows 11 Installation (no TPM/no Secure 800t/8G8- RAM)” option from the drop-down menu of the “Image option. Don’t forget to select this option; otherwise, it will defeat the whole purpose.

Step 9. Next, ensure that the Partition scheme is set to “GPT” and the Target system set to “UEFI (non-CSM).”

Step 10. You can leave the default for all other options if you don’t know about that. After that, click the Start button.


Step 11. Read the warning message that pop-ups from Rufus and click the OK button.

Creating a bootable USB drive will start and may take some time to complete. Read the message and click the Close button.

Then, you will notice that the “Ready” status message turns green. Now, the USB disk is ready. You can remove the USB drive from your PC and start installing Windows 11 on any PC that does not support RAM, TPM 2.0, Secure Boot, etc.


Creating a Windows 11 bootable USB drive that bypasses the strict system requirements is now more straightforward, thanks to the updated Rufus utility. By following the detailed steps mentioned in this guide, users can easily prepare a bootable USB for Windows 11 and install it on unsupported hardware. It’s essential to ensure that valuable data is backed up before initiating the process as the creation of the bootable drive erases existing data on the USB.


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