How to use AnyViewer – A Free Remote Desktop Software for Windows 11 and 10?

Seamlessly Access and Control PCs Remotely with AnyViewer - Download Your Free Copy of AnyViewer Professional Now!

AnyViewer is a free Windows remote software. It allows users to easily and quickly access a PC or server without physical presence remotely via the Internet anytime, anywhere, without worrying about deadlines and security.

If we are at the office, on a trip, or at home and need help from our friend or administrator, AnyViewer may play a handy role. We can quickly provide remote access to our support team so that they can fix the issues.

AnyViewer is safe and free to use. We can save a lot of time and transportation costs if we stay away from our system or server. It has a simple, flexible, and intuitive interface so anyone can easily understand and use it.

How does Remote Desktop Software Work?

When we talk about Remote Access Technology, at least two devices will be associated for it to work. One side is a PC that controls, and another side is a  PC that is being controlled. The first one is called the client, whereas the client’s PC is controlling is called the Host PC.

Let us see an example. If a technician controls a customer’s PC, the technician’s PC is the client, and the customer’s PC is the Host. A technician will remotely access the host’s computer over the Internet and fix its problems. The remote activity performed on the customer’s PC by the client’s PC is due to remote desktop software’s advanced distance access programming. Later on, the movement is replicated on the customer’s PC so that they can also view the ongoing action by the client.

How to use AnyViewer?

Using AnyViewer is quite simple and friendly. Still, we are discussing some steps to get remote access to another PC:-

Step 1. First, download and install AnyViewer software on both the client and the host  PC (size is 34.4MB).

Step 2. Next, ensure both the client and Host PCs are connected to the internet.

Step 3. Then, launch the AnyViewer to establish a remote desktop connection over the internet.

Step 4. Enter the device ID of another computer that we want to control and click the Connect button.

Once the processes mentioned above are completed, we can control the host PC through the client PC. Here, we should note that the host PC can also see the ongoing activities.

Download AnyViewer

AnyViewer is compatible with Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 & Windows Server 2022/2019/2016/2012 R2 and iPhone/iPad. We can download it here.

You guys are amazing; Keep reading, learning, and growing.

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You can grab a free copy of AnyViewer Professional for a limited time.


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