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How to Unlock Locked out Account on Windows 11?

Unlocking Locked-Out Accounts in Windows 11: A Comprehensive Guide.

Protecting the sanctity of user data and ensuring robust security measures have always been paramount for Microsoft. With the advent of Windows 11, Microsoft introduced a stringent policy to further safeguard users against potential unauthorized access. In a scenario where an individual consecutively fails to input the correct password ten times, the system, in line with Microsoft’s new policy, locks out the account for a duration of 10 minutes. This policy functions under the umbrella of Windows domain controllers, which diligently monitor login attempts. These domain controllers can be tailored to react to potential threats by disabling the targeted account temporarily.

The backbone of this process is the “Account Lockout Policy.” This policy is equipped with settings that determine the failed sign-in attempt threshold, and once this limit is breached, the user account is automatically locked. What follows is a period where the account remains inaccessible until either an administrator intervenes to manually unlock it or the preset duration as dictated by the “Account lockout duration” policy lapses.

It’s noteworthy that users or administrators have the flexibility to set the failure threshold between 1 to 999 failed sign-in attempts. Moreover, there’s an option to ensure the account never locks by setting the threshold value to 0. However, a crucial point to remember is, if the Account lockout threshold is set to any number above zero, then the Account lockout duration must either be equal to or exceed the duration set by the “Reset account lockout counter.”

Dive into this risewindows article as we unravel the steps and nuances involved in unlocking a locked-out account on Windows 11. The guide aims to empower users with knowledge, ensuring they never feel stranded due to a locked account.

How to Unlock Locked Out Account on Windows 11 through Local Users and Groups?

Do these steps to unlock a locked-out account in Windows 11 using Local Users and Groups:-

Step 1Open Local Users and Groups (lusrmgr.msc).

Step 2. Pick the Users folder in the left pane of Local Users and Groups (lusrmgr.msc).

Step 3. Right-click on the user account you want to unlock on the middle pane, then select Properties in the menu.

Step 4. Switch to the General tab in the user properties dialog.

Step 5. Uncheck the option Account is locked out.

Step 6. Press Apply.

Step 7. Hit OK.

After completing the above steps, your selected user account will unlock instantly, and you can sign in to your account.

How to Unlock Locked Out Account on Windows 11 using Command Prompt or PowerShell?

Do these steps to unblock a locked-out user account on Windows 11 through Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell:-

Step 1Open an administrator Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell.

Step 2. Type the following command and hit the Enter key on the keyboard:-

net user "<username>" /active:yes

Note: Replace <username> in the above command with the actual user account name, for example, “Test.”

After completing the above steps, your selected user account will unlock instantly, and you can sign in to your account.

That’s it.


Protecting user data has always been a priority for tech giants like Microsoft. Windows 11 further solidifies this commitment with its new Account Lockout Policy. This policy is an effective measure to fend off unauthorized access, locking accounts after repeated incorrect login attempts. While security remains tight, Microsoft ensures user flexibility, allowing settings adjustments to best suit individual needs. This guide detailed unlocking procedures using both Local Users and Groups and Command Prompt or PowerShell, ensuring users have the necessary tools and knowledge to regain access promptly.


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