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How to Uninstall Updates on Windows 11?

Managing Windows 11 Updates: Uninstallation Guide

Windows updates are quintessential for maintaining the security, performance, and reliability of our PCs and laptops. They often introduce new features, rectify existing bugs, and fortify system vulnerabilities. However, there’s a flip side to this coin. Sometimes, the automatic updates may inadvertently disrupt or affect our current working files or configurations. Introduced with an emphasis on user-centric advancements, Windows 11 also encompasses an automatic Windows Update service. This built-in mechanism diligently fetches the latest patches from Microsoft’s servers, silently integrating them into your system. Upon completion, you might encounter a prompt requesting a system restart, ensuring these updates are seamlessly incorporated. But as the system reboots, Windows 11 discreetly replaces pertinent system files, some of which might be crucial to your ongoing tasks. Understandably, this can spur concerns regarding indispensable system files that cater to your current requirements. If you discern any irregularities post these updates, reverting them might be the way to go. Through this guide, we delve deep into the methods to uninstall these updates on Windows 11, ensuring your system is reverted to its optimal, familiar state. We’ll explore two primary avenues: utilizing the Settings App and navigating through Advanced Startup Options.

How to Uninstall Updates on Windows 11 from the Settings app?

To uninstall updates in Windows 11 using the Settings app, go for these steps;

Step 1. Open the setting app.

Step 2. Then, select Windows Update on the left sidebar.

Step 3. On the right-sidebar, click on the Update history tile.

Step 4. After that, on the following window, scroll down and click on Uninstall updates.

Step 6. At last, click on the  Uninstall link beside the update you want to uninstall.

How to Uninstall the Latest Update in Advanced Startup Options?

It is also possible to uninstall the latest Windows update from the Advanced Startup Options in Windows 11. For that, go for these steps:-

Step 1. Firstly, click the Start button on the Windows 11 taskbar.

Step 2. Next, select the Power button. After that, press and hold the Shift key of the keyboard, and then press the Restart option.

Step 3. Once you complete the above steps, your PC will restart directly to the Advanced Startup Options. Here, click the Troubleshoot button.

Step 4. On the next screen, select Advanced options.

Step 5. On the Advanced options page, select  Uninstall Updates.

Step 6. On the next page, you will find two options, “Uninstall latest quality update” and “Uninstall latest feature update.” Select the update you want to remove.

Step 7. At last, confirm the update removal on the last page by clicking the appropriate option.

Now, Windows 11 will start uninstalling the selected update.

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Windows updates are essential for system security and reliability, but occasionally, they may interfere with existing configurations. Windows 11, with its automatic update feature, is no exception. If you find any anomalies after an update, you might need to uninstall it. The article provides two straightforward methods to uninstall these updates on Windows 11: via the Settings app and through Advanced Startup Options. By following the steps outlined, users can revert their systems to a familiar and optimal state.


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