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How to Show (or Hide) the Google Chrome Bookmarks Bar on Windows PC?

Mastering the Google Chrome Bookmarks Bar on Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

The internet is vast, and finding that one website you visited last week can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. This is where the Google Chrome bookmarks bar comes in handy. A convenient tool positioned right at the top of your browser, it keeps your favorite sites just a click away. The bookmarks bar is one of those features that you either love or hate. For many, it’s an indispensable tool to quickly navigate the web. However, for others, it’s a screen clutter that takes up precious browser real estate. If you lean towards a minimalist browser view, preferring a distraction-free environment over speed, it’s often a good idea to hide it. But even if you find yourself accessing the same sites daily, having them bookmarked can save you precious seconds over typing in URLs or searching. Want to toggle between these two worlds? If you’re using Google Chrome on a Windows 11 computer and wish to show or hide the bookmarks bar, this risewindows guide is tailored for you. Discover how to master this feature, ensuring your browser looks just the way you like it. Whether it’s making the change permanent or bringing back the bookmarks bar only when necessary, we’ve got you covered. Remember, by default, Chrome opts for a cleaner look with the bookmarks bar hidden. But with a few steps, you can tailor it to your preference.

How to Bookmark a Webpage in Google Chrome?

To bookmark a website in the Google Chrome browser, use the following:-

Step 1. First, open the Google Chrome browser.

Step 2. Now, visit the webpage that you want to bookmark.

Step 3. Then, click the Star icon on the right side of the address bar.

Step 4. After that, in the menu that appears, click the Add bookmark.

Step 5. Finally, name the bookmark and click the Done button to bookmark the webpage.

Now, the bookmarked website will appear beneath the address bar. Any time you want to visit that webpage, click on that website name.

How to Remove a Bookmark from Chrome?

Right-click the bookmarked website and select the Delete option to remove a bookmark from the Chrome browser.

How to Show or Hide the Google Chrome Bookmarks Bar on Windows PC?

As mentioned above, by default, the Bookmarks bar does not appear. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + B to show or hide the bookmarks in Chrome quickly. The same shortcut key combination will show and hide.

Alternatively, click the three dots menu on Chrome and select Bookmarks. Then, check the Show Bookmarks Bar. The bookmarks appear below the address bar with all your saved web pages. Next, to hide the bookmarks, uncheck the Show Bookmarks Bar option by repeating the above steps.

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The Google Chrome bookmarks bar is a versatile feature that allows users to quickly access their favorite websites. Its position at the top of the browser ensures rapid navigation, while also offering the flexibility of being hidden for those who prefer a cleaner browser view. Whether you want to bookmark a site, remove it, or toggle the visibility of the bookmarks bar, the above guide outlines the steps in a simplified manner for Windows 11 users.


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