How to Show or Hide Task View Button on Taskbar of Windows 11?

Tailoring Your Taskbar: Mastering the Task View Button on Windows 11

Ensuring the privacy and safety of your browsing history is paramount for any Windows user. If the idea of leaving traces of your online journey unsettles you, this guide from RiseWindows is tailored for your needs. A handy feature for Chrome users is its incognito mode, which offers a veil of anonymity as you traverse the digital realm. Did you know you can set Chrome to launch in this discreet mode by default every time? This means, each time you ignite the Chrome browser, it automatically springs to life in incognito, offering you immediate privacy. The beauty of this mode is its impermanence; once you close your browser, your browsing history dissipates, ensuring no digital footprints are left behind.

Transitioning to Windows 11, Microsoft has introduced an array of novel features, one of which is the Task View button embedded in the taskbar. This feature provides a bird’s-eye view of all your active windows and even showcases your virtual desktops, if you’ve set any up. But, what if this feature isn’t something you frequently use? Why let it occupy precious space on your taskbar?

Dive into this RiseWindows guide as we delineate the steps to seamlessly show or hide the Task View button on your Windows 11 taskbar.

How to Hide the Windows 11 Task View Button from the Taskbar?

It’s easy to disable the Task View button on the taskbar in Windows 11. Right-right on the Task View button on the taskbar and select the Hide from taskbar option. That’s it. It will no longer appear on the taskbar of Windows 11 until you add them back.

Unluckily, it is not relatively easy to add the Task View button/icon to the taskbar of Windows 11. To get it back, you have to go through the Settings app. Do the steps below to get it back on the taskbar.

How to Add Task View Button on the Taskbar of Windows 11?

Step 1. First, open the Settings app by pressing the Windows + I keyboard shortcut or using other methods that you prefer.

Step 2. Now, select the Personalization category from the left side area in the settings window after doing the above step.

Step 3. Then, click on the Taskbar on the right side of the Personalization.

Step 4. After that, under the Taskbar items section, turn the toggle switch to the On position next to the Task view option to bring back its icon to the taskbar.

After completing the above steps, you can turn off icons from the taskbar, including Search, Task View, Widgets, and Chat, under Taskbar items. When you install Windows 11, these four icons add to the taskbar. You can add these buttons to the taskbar or remove them at your convenience.


If safeguarding your online browsing history is a priority, RiseWindows has your back. This guide offers an insightful solution for Chrome users seeking anonymity through its incognito mode. But the journey doesn’t stop there; Windows 11 comes with its own array of features, including the Task View button, which presents a panoramic view of active windows and virtual desktops. However, if this feature doesn’t align with your workflow, it’s possible to declutter your taskbar by hiding it.

Our guide delves into this process, providing a step-by-step walkthrough to hide or show the Task View button on your Windows 11 taskbar. Whether you’re keen on maintaining digital privacy or optimizing your taskbar real estate, this guide equips you with the knowledge to tailor your Windows 11 experience to your preferences.

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