How to Set Custom Color and Size for Mouse Pointer in Windows 11/10?

How to Customize the Mouse Pointer's Color and Size on Windows 10


How to Set Custom Color and Size for Mouse Pointer on Windows 11/10?

Do the following steps to set the custom color and size Mouse Pointer on Windows 10:-

Step 1. Open the Settings app from the Start Menu (Press the Start button and type the Settings and then click on its entry.


Step 2. Now, navigate to the Ease of Access category from the list.


Step 3. After that, click on the Cursors & pointer.


Step 4. You will see the option to change the pointer size and color here. Use the slider under the “Change pointer size and color” option to change the pointer size.

After that, Select the colorful pointer (last option) and choose one of the eight suggested colors to use the colorful set of mouse pointers. Click on the Pick a custom pointer color option, select a color of your choice, and then click on the Done button to set a custom color.


Now, you can use mouse pointers of your choice and size. You can easily change size and color when you want to change.


Customizing the mouse pointer’s color and size on Windows 10 is a straightforward process. By accessing the Ease of Access category in the Settings app, users can easily adjust the pointer’s appearance to their preferences. This personalization ensures that the mouse cursor is more visible and tailored to an individual’s taste.

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