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How to Resize Taskbar of Windows 11?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Resizing the Taskbar in Windows 11

The transition to Windows 11 brought with it a plethora of exciting changes, with the taskbar undergoing one of the most visible transformations. Gone are the days of “small icons” and “labels” as the taskbar icons now find themselves in a centralized position, leaving users curious about resizing options. Fear not, for this risewindows article is poised to guide you through the nuances of adjusting your taskbar’s size. Initially, it’s vital to recognize that Windows 11 avails its taskbar icons in a trio of sizes: small, medium, and the default medium. This variety ensures users have adequate flexibility, regardless of their sizing qualms.

However, while embarking on this resizing journey, bear in mind that the size variations are notably pronounced, potentially leading to an overlap of some user interface components. This alteration inevitably impacts the overall dimensions of the taskbar, causing it to either retract or expand in accordance with the icon’s dimensions. The silver lining? Mastering the steps laid out in this article empowers users to toggle between sizes effortlessly. These changes, though, necessitate either a log in and out procedure or a reboot of the Explorer process. Ready to dive into the world of registry adjustments? Let’s set the stage.

How do I resize the Taskbar of Windows 11?

The easiest way to change the size of the Windows 11 taskbar is with a registry edit. You can learn more about using the registry here, but if you follow it carefully and back up the registry beforehand, it should be easy and safe.

Step 1. First, open the Registry Editor.

To launch the Registry Editor windows, click on the Search icon from the Windows 11 Taskbar and type regedit. Now, click on the Registry Editor to open it in the available search results.


Step 2. In the Registry Editor window that opens, navigate or browse for the following key from the left side pane:-


Step 3. After that, on the Advanced key, perform a right-click, select New, and then DWORD (32-bit) Value. Name it as TaskbarSi.

Step 4. On the right side of the Advanced key, double-click on TaskbarSi to edit its Value data.

In the Value data field, you can use the following number:-

  • 0 – Small taskbar size.
  • 1 – Medium or default taskbar size.
  • 2 – Large taskbar size.

Step 5. Next, change the Value data from 0 to 2 to increase the size of the Windows 11 Taskbar.

Step 6. Then, click OK.

Step 7. At last, log out or restart your PC.

Now, your Windows 11 Taskbar size will increase compared to the default one.

If you wish to change the Taskbar size to its default value, steer for the following registry key in the Registry Editor window:-


On the right side of Advanced, look for the DWORD entry TaskbarSi. Double-click on it and set its Value data to 1. Now, the Windows 11 Taskbar size will return to its previous size.

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Windows 11 introduces users to a fresh and modernized user interface, with the taskbar being a focal point of this transformation. With the removal of familiar features like “small icons” and “labels,” users may initially feel out of their depth. However, with the guidance provided in this risewindows article, resizing the taskbar becomes a breeze. By tweaking a few settings in the registry editor, users can personalize the taskbar dimensions to their liking. The process, while straightforward, requires precision. As always, it’s prudent to back up any essential data before making changes to the registry, ensuring a seamless experience and peace of mind.


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