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How to Open the Advanced Startup Options Menu on Windows 10?

Methods to Access the Advanced Startup Options Menu on Windows 10 and 11.

The Advanced Startup Options menu is an integral part of the Windows operating system, specifically designed for troubleshooting and adjusting system configurations. Serving as a hub on both Windows 11 and 10, this menu houses a plethora of tools and utilities, allowing users to harness diagnostic and repair features such as Reset This PC, System Restore, Command Prompt, and Startup Repair, among others. While the system is intuitive enough to bring up this menu after detecting two consecutive startup errors, there might be instances where users wish to access it voluntarily. If you’re seeking guidance on how to manually navigate to this pivotal menu, you’ve come to the right place. This risewindows article is geared to illuminate various methods to usher you into the Advanced Startup Options realm.

How to Access the Advanced Startup Options Menu on Windows 10 with SHIFT + Restart?

Maybe this is the easiest way to customize the Advanced Startup Options menu on Windows 10. To get this done, tap on the Start button, hold down the SHIFT key, pick the Power button, and select the Restart option.

Quick Note: You can also use the Power button to boot into the advanced options menu while on the lock screen.

When the PC restarts, hit the Troubleshoot tile.

Hit the Advanced options.

How to Open the Advanced Startup Options Menu using Windows 10 Settings?

Do these steps to access the Advanced Startup Options menu via Windows 10 Settings:-

Step 1. Open the Settings application.

Step 2. Tap on Update & Security.

Step 3. Select Recovery under “Update & Security.

Step 4. On the opposite side of “Recovery,” tap on the Restart now button under the “Advanced startup” section.

Step 5. Press the Troubleshoot button.

Step 6. Hit the Advanced Options button.

How to Get the Advanced Startup Options Menu using Command Prompt?

Do these steps to access the Advanced Startup Options menu by Command Prompt:-

Step 1Open an elevated Command Prompt.

Step 2. Type the following and hit the Enter key on the keyboard:-

shutdown /r /o

Step 3. A signoff warning message will appear after you’ve done that. Press the Close button. Now, Windows 10 will boot with advanced startup options.

Quick Note: If you want to cancel the above command for some reason, such as you forget to save your work, use the “shutdown /a” command in the same window.

Step 4. Select the Troubleshoot option.

Step 5. Choose the Advanced Options option.

How to Open the Advanced Startup Options Menu by Booting from Windows 10 Installation Media?

Booting your PC with Windows 10 Installation Media will help you if your Windows 10 installation is corrupt and doesn’t start. In case the above methods do not help you to get into the Advanced Startup Options menu, use this method instead.

Step 1. Insert Windows 10 DVD or bootable flash drive into your PC.

Step 2. Change the Boot sequence to start your PC with bootable media.

Step 3. When the “Install now” option appears on the screen, you will find the “Repair your computer” option in the bottom left corner. Click on the Repair your computer option.

Step 4. Press Troubleshoot.

Step 5. Hit Advanced Options.


The Advanced Startup Options menu on Windows 10 and 11 provides users with essential diagnostic and repair tools for troubleshooting a range of system-related problems. There are multiple ways to access this menu, including using the SHIFT + Restart combination, navigating through Windows settings, using the Command Prompt, or booting from Windows 10 Installation Media. Each method caters to different scenarios and user preferences, ensuring you have a plethora of ways to tackle potential system issues.


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