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How to Mute the Toggle Keys Sound on Windows 11?

How to Mute or Unmute Toggle Keys Sounds on Windows 11.

Navigating a newly upgraded operating system can often bring with it the challenge of getting accustomed to its new features and settings. One such element is the audible feedback from the Toggle keys. But first, what are these Toggle keys? Not to be mistaken for actual physical buttons, Toggle keys serve as built-in functions in the Windows operating system. Every time you tap on command keys such as Caps Lock or Num Lock, these functions sound off a distinct beep. While it’s designed to be a helpful auditory cue for users, not everyone appreciates this feature, finding the sound more distracting than beneficial. If you’re among those who would prefer a quieter typing experience on the latest Windows 11, this risewindows guide is tailored just for you. Let’s delve into how you can mute those pesky Toggle keys sounds and enjoy a more serene computing environment.

How to Mute the Toggle Keys Sound on Windows 11 using Keyboard Shortcut?

Using keyboard shortcuts, you can easily and quickly mute or unmute the sound that toggle keys make. For that, use the following steps:-

Step 1. Firstly, press and hold the Num Lock key for 5 seconds until you hear the toggle key sound.

Step 2. A dialog box, “Toggle Keys,” will appear, asking if you want to enable or disable the toggle key sound.

Step 3. Hit the No or Yes button to mute or unmute, hearing the toggle keys’ sound.

If you are using a laptop and no Num Lock key is available, use the alternate method to mute or unmute the toggle keys sound.

How to Unmute or Mute Toggle keys Sound on Windows 11 through the Settings app?

Follow these steps to unmute or mute the Toggle keys Sound on Windows 11 through the Settings app:-

Step 1. Firstly, open the Settings app by pressing the Windows + I keys from the keyboard.


Step 2. Select the Accessibility category from the left pane.

Step 3. Then, scroll down to the Accessibility settings page and click the Keyboard.

Step 4. At last, on the following screen, you’ll see a setting “Toggle Keys.” Toggle this option on/off to enable/disable the sound according to your needs.

Now, you can now close the Settings app.

How to Unmute or Mute Toggle Keys Sound on Windows 11 using a Control Panel?

You can also mute or unmute toggle keys sound using Control Panel in Windows 11. Here are the steps:-

Step 1. Firstly, open the Control Panel.


Step 2. Click Ease of Access in the Control Panel window.

Step 3. Then, choose the Ease of Access Center option.

Step 4. After that, either click on the “Make the keyboard easier to use” or the “Make it easier to focus on tasks settings” link.

Step 5. Next, check or uncheck the option “Turn on Toggle Keys” to enable or disable this feature.

Step 6. Then, click the Apply button.

Step 7. Lastly, click OK.


Navigating the upgraded Windows 11 doesn’t have to be a noisy experience. The Toggle keys, which are built-in functions within the OS, provide audible feedback when keys like Caps Lock or Num Lock are pressed. While useful for some, others might find this sound distracting. The steps above outline three methods for either muting or unmuting these sounds: using a keyboard shortcut, the Settings app, or the Control Panel. By following these instructions, you can customize your Windows 11 experience to better suit your auditory preferences.


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