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How to Make Windows 11 Look Like Windows 10?

Making Windows 11 Look Like Windows 10 with ExplorerPatcher

Microsoft has always been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to the Windows operating system’s aesthetics and functionality. With the introduction of Windows 11, they have once again redefined the user interface, incorporating a slew of changes that set it apart from its predecessor, Windows 10. While these changes reflect modern design sensibilities, not everyone may be ready to embrace the new look. Although it’s impossible to completely transform Windows 11 back to the Windows 10 appearance, there are certain adjustments you can make to feel more at home. If the revamped Windows 11 design doesn’t resonate with your preferences, fret not. With tools like ExplorerPatcher, it’s possible to roll back several elements of the interface and get closer to the familiar Windows 10 look you’ve grown accustomed to. Dive in as we guide you through the steps to make your Windows 11 echo the aesthetic of Windows 10.

ExplorerPatcher for Windows 11

ExplorerPatcher is a free, compact utility that brings back the old Windows 10 charm. This tool modifies your Windows 11 operating system to resemble Windows 10, allowing you to enjoy Windows’ usability features with minimal effort.

However, it’s recommended to create a system restore point before using it.

How to Make Windows 11 look like Windows 10?

To make Windows 11 resemble Windows 10, begin by downloading ExplorerPatcher from Github (the link is provided at the end of this article). Once downloaded, apply the necessary patches to your PC.

Upon executing this tool, the Windows 11 Taskbar will promptly shift to the left corner, reminiscent of its position in Windows 10. Additionally, the Windows 10 logo will revert to its default state, and the Control Center will reappear in your system tray. If desired, you can also tweak the Taskbar settings.

For further customization of Windows 11, right-click on the Taskbar and choose the Properties option from the menu.

Switch to the Taskbar tab, and here you can change the following:-

  • Change Taskbar style.
  • Move the Taskbar to the screen’s bottom, top left, or right.
  • Show or hide the Search button.
  • Show or hide the Task view button.
  • Automatically hide the taskbar.
  • Change the Start button style.
  • Change the Taskbar icons alignment.
  • Combine Taskbar icons.
  • Customize the Taskbar icon size.

Once the changes are made as per your choice, click the Restart File Explorer button at the bottom of this software to apply the changes.

When you move to the System tray tab, you will find several options to show or hide in the system tray area.

Here, you can make the following changes:-

  • Show or hide the touch keyboard button.
  • Show or hide seconds in the clock.
  • Adjust the settings, like flyout behavior for the tray icon.

By default, the Start menu is configured in the Windows 11 style. However, you have the option to switch to the Windows 10 Start menu using the Start menu tab. Note that it will initially appear in the center. To relocate it to the edge, as seen in Windows 10, change the “Position on screen” setting from “Center” to “At screen edge.”

Additionally, you can adjust the number of frequently used apps you wish to display, disable the Recommended section, and even configure the Windows 11 Start Menu to show a full list of apps.

Furthermore, the Weather tab allows you to enable the Windows 10-style weather button on the Taskbar and modify its settings.

To display Snap Assist in the Windows 10 style or to remove the rounded corners of application windows on your PC, navigate to the “Other” tab. Here, you can opt to display or hide separators between taskbar toolbars, show Command Prompt in lieu of PowerShell in the Win+X menu, eliminate the rounded corners of application windows in favor of the classic square shape, and much more.

ExplorerPatcher is a valuable tool for those desiring the Windows 10 interface, allowing your Windows 11 PC to closely mimic the Windows 10 look.

If desired, you can undo these alterations, uninstall the program, and revert to the original Windows 11 appearance and features.

Download ExplorerPatcher

If you need it, you can grab the latest version of ExplorerPatcher from GitHub.

That’s it.


Microsoft has brought significant changes to its user interface with Windows 11. However, not every user is ready for this shift. Fortunately, utilities like ExplorerPatcher provide an avenue for individuals who wish to retain the look and feel of Windows 10. By following the steps outlined above, users can customize Windows 11 to closely resemble its predecessor, giving them the comfort of familiarity while still benefiting from the new OS’s enhancements.


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