How to Know If your Windows 11 is Activated?

Verifying Your Windows 11 Activation Status: A Step-by-Step Guide

In the dynamic world of tech, anticipation for the newest operating system updates always rides high. Such was the palpable excitement around Microsoft’s Windows 11 release on October 4th, 2021. Touted as a free upgrade for eligible Windows 10 users, this new addition to the Microsoft OS family, however, came with its share of stipulations. The company set forth specific hardware requirements, creating a barrier for many machines that fell short of these criteria. While many saw this as a hindrance, the tech community responded swiftly with clever workarounds, enabling installation on unsupported devices by sidestepping the mandatory TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot features.

So, after braving the maze of system requirements and installation processes, how do you determine if your Windows 11 upgrade has indeed been activated successfully? Especially given that, in most cases, the transition from Windows 10 to 11 should be seamless and automatic in terms of activation, particularly if your product key is embedded in the BIOS/UEFI. As an essential step, it’s prudent to retrieve and back up your product key from the Windows registry prior to any OS transitions. Should any hiccups occur during the upgrade or installation process, this key will be your safeguard to reactivate Windows 11.

For those who have journeyed through the upgrade, you can verify the activation status of your Windows 11 through a straightforward pathway. By navigating to Settings, selecting System, and then the Activation page, you’ll have a clear view of your OS’s status. For a detailed walkthrough, continue reading the steps outlined below.

How to Know Windows 11 Activation Status from the Settings app?

Follow the below-given steps to view the activation status of Windows 11:-

Step 1. Log in to your computer using an administrator or standard user account.

Step 2. After that, open the Settings app by pressing the Windows + I keys together from the keyboard.

Step 3. Now, select the System category from the left side pane from the Windows Settings page that appears. After that, click on the Activation tile from the right-side area.


Step 4. When the Activation settings page appears on your computer, you will see Active beside the “Activation state” option if your Windows 11 is pre-activated. If your Windows 11 copy is not active, then click on the Change button to activate it.


Step 5. Now, enter the product key in the pop-up window. You can use here Windows 10 product key that you have already backed up or purchase Windows 11 Product key separately.


Step 6. Now, click on the Next button when you have typed the correct 25-digit product key.

Note: Please ensure that you have an active internet connection to validate the Microsoft activation server’s product key. If everything goes fine, Windows 11 will be activated permanently.

How to Check Windows 11 Activation Status through Command Prompt?

You can also check the activation status of Windows 11. Follow the below-given steps to do so:-

Step 1. Open Command Prompt with administrative privileges.

Step 2. Then, type the following command line and press the Enter key from the keyboard:-



You will see the status in the pop-up window if your Windows 11 is activated.


Checking the activation status of Windows 11 is essential to ensure a seamless user experience and verify that your operating system is genuine. With the transition from Windows 10 to Windows 11, it’s crucial to be familiar with the verification process. The two methods detailed above, one via the Settings app and the other through the Command Prompt, offer users straightforward pathways to ascertain their OS’s status. By following these steps, you can promptly and efficiently determine if your Windows 11 is properly activated.

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