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How to Import Bookmarks from Chrome to Firefox?

Effortlessly Migrate Your Chrome Bookmarks to Firefox

Navigating the world of web browsers, two names often stand out: Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome. Firefox, renowned for its focus on user privacy and security, provides a sanctuary for those wary of the digital realm’s lurking threats. On the other hand, Chrome prides itself on being the fastest browser globally, ensuring swift and seamless browsing experiences. But what happens when you decide to transition from Chrome to Firefox? A significant concern is the potential loss of years’ worth of accumulated bookmarks. Manually jotting down and recreating each one in Firefox might seem like a tedious solution. Thankfully, Firefox has anticipated this challenge. With its built-in import tool, transitioning your bookmarks from Chrome to Firefox becomes a breeze, eliminating the need for external applications. Whether both browsers reside on the same machine or different devices, the process remains straightforward. Read on to learn how to effortlessly import your bookmarks from Chrome to Firefox and ensure a seamless transition between these browser giants.

How to Migrate Chrome Bookmarks when Firefox is Installed on the Same Computer?

By following these steps, you can roam the Chrome bookmarks when Firefox is installed on the same PC:-

Step 1. Open Firefox browser.

Step 2. Pick the three horizontal lines (Open application menu) and select Bookmarks.

Step 3. Hit Manage bookmarks.

Step 4. Pick Import and Backup to select Import Data from Another Browser in the drop-down menu from the “Library” page.

Step 5. Select Chrome on raised “Import Wizard” window.

Quick Note: Please shut the Chrome browser if it is already opened.

Step 6. Hit the Next button.

Step 7. In the following screen, check the items you want to import, such as Bookmarks, browsing history, saved logins, passwords, etc.

Step 8. Pick the Next button.

Step 9. Click the Finish button if the data import is finished.

If the above steps are completed, open the Firefox browser to check the bookmarks bar to see all your Chrome bookmarks.

How to Import Chrome’s Bookmarks when Firefox is Installed on Another PC?

If Chrome and Firefox browsers are installed on different PCs, export Chrome’s bookmarks in an HTML file and then import those bookmarks into the Firefox browser. Here are the steps:-

How to Export Chrome’s Bookmarks?

Below are the steps used to export Chrome’s bookmarks in an HTML file:-

Step 1. Open Chrome browser.

Step 2. Click on the three-dotted icon (Customize and Control Google Chrome) to select Bookmarks > Bookmark manager.

Step 3. Hit the three-dotted menu icon by selecting the Bookmarks bar option on the Bookmarks page.

Step 4. Click Export bookmarks.

Step 5. Select a location youwant to save bookmarks HTML file, name the file, and finally click Save in the “Save As” dialog.

How to Import Chrome’s Bookmarks to Firefox?

Once you have exported Chrome’s bookmarks to your PC, move them to another computer to import these bookmarks into the Firefox browser, then use these steps:-

Step 1. Open Firefox browser.

Step 2. Select Bookmarks by picking the three horizontal lines (Open application menu).

Step 3. Select Manage bookmarks.

Step 4. Pick Import and Backup to select Import Bookmarks from HTML in the drop-down menu from the “Library” page.

Step 5. Choose the HTML file and click the Open button in the “Import Bookmarks File” dialog.

Finally, it will import Chrome’s bookmark into the Firefox browser.


Transitioning from Chrome to Firefox doesn’t have to mean sacrificing years of carefully curated bookmarks. By leveraging Firefox’s inbuilt tools, users can ensure a smooth migration process. Whether you’re moving bookmarks between browsers on the same computer or transferring them between two separate devices, the steps outlined above can be easily followed. So, for those contemplating the switch, rest assured that Firefox has made sure your bookmarks come with you.


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