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How to hide Windows 11 Taskbar on Secondary Monitor?

Adjusting the Windows 11 Taskbar in a Dual-Monitor Setup

In today’s era of multitasking and enhanced productivity, many users have taken to employing a dual-screen setup to expand their digital workspace. One such feature that plays a pivotal role in this enhanced user interface is the taskbar on Windows 11. By default, the taskbar is always on display on both screens, making it readily accessible. However, Windows 11 understands the diverse needs of its user base and, therefore, provides an option to either display or hide the taskbar on the extended screen. For those who have embraced the dual-monitor setup, there might be moments when a pristine, uninterrupted view is desired on the secondary screen. Maybe you’re showcasing a presentation, enjoying a movie, or working on a graphic design project; whatever the reason, hiding the taskbar can provide that complete full-screen experience. So, if you’re pondering how to achieve this, you’re in the right place! Dive in as we explore how to hide the Windows 11 taskbar on your secondary monitor.

Why do people use an Extended Screen?

Having a dual monitor arrangement enables users to operate various applications simultaneously without toggling between windows. Using an extended display essentially merges all monitors into a single expansive screen, simplifying multitasking. To conceal or show the taskbar on this extended display, refer to the subsequent guidelines.

How to set Windows 11 Taskbar to Auto-Hide with Multiple Monitors?

Follow these steps to set the Windows 11 Taskbar to Auto-Hide with Multiple Monitors:-

Step 1: Go to the taskbar and launch the Settings app on your computer.

You can also use the shortcut Windows + I as an alternative here.

Step 2: From there, check the left side of your screen and click on personalization.

Step 3: Click on the taskbar option on your screen’s right side.

Step 4: Click the Taskbar behavior header.

Step 5: You will see that the option “show my taskbar on all displays” is checked. Uncheck it.

You can always come back and follow the same steps and check the same option to bring the taskbar back on your extended screen.

There it is. Your issue can be resolved in just 5 straightforward steps.


Adopting a dual-screen setup has become a trend for many in search of heightened productivity and multitasking capabilities. One crucial aspect of this is the taskbar functionality in Windows 11. While it’s beneficial to have the taskbar on both screens, sometimes a clean, unobstructed view is what one desires. Windows 11, with its flexibility, allows users to customize their taskbar experience, ensuring their extended screen caters to their specific needs. Following the outlined steps, one can effortlessly hide or reveal the taskbar on their secondary monitor, making Windows 11’s interface truly adaptable.


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