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How to Hide the Contents of a Window while Dragging on Windows 11/10?

Optimizing Windows Performance: Display Tweaks for a Smoother Experience

If you sometimes notice that your Windows system is processing at a snail’s pace, there could be a myriad of reasons behind the sluggish performance. Often, disabling non-essential features can provide a much-needed boost, especially if your Windows 11 or 10 seems unresponsive. One such feature is the display of window contents while dragging it across the screen. By default, Windows graphically represents everything within a window during a drag, requiring your system to render not just the window but also its content and any embedded icons in real-time. This can be taxing on your PC. While powerful computers might handle this seamlessly, older or resource-strapped systems could display laggy or jittery animations. A simple solution? Hide the window contents during dragging, ensuring only a rectangular outline is visible. In this risewindows guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to either display or conceal window contents while dragging on Windows 11 or 10, using two methods: the built-in Performance Options and the Registry Editor.


How to Show or Hide the Contents of a Window while Dragging via Performance Options?

Follow the below-given steps to enable or disable the “Show window contents while dragging” feature on Windows 11 or 10:-

Step 1. Start with opening the Run dialog box by pressing the WindowsR keys on the keyboard.

Step 2. After that, type SystemPropertiesPerformance into the Run box and click on the OK button to open the Visual Effects tab in Performance Options.


Step 3. Then, uncheck the box Show windows contents while dragging to disable the feature.

Performance-Options-Show-window-contents-while-draggingQuick Note: Check the checkbox Show windows contents while dragging to enable the feature.

Step 4. Click on the Apply button.

Step 5. Next, press the OK button.

How to Enable or Disable “Show windows contents while dragging” using Registry Editor?

Follow the below-illustrated steps to turn on or off “Show windows contents while dragging” through Windows 11 or 10 Registry Editor:-

Step 1. Now open the Registry Editor.

Step 2. Then, go to the following key in the left sidebar of Registry Editor:-

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop


Step 3. After that, from the right-sidebar, double-click on the DragFullWindows REG_SZ and set its “Value data” to the following:-

  • 0: Disable show windows contents while dragging.
  • 1: Enable show windows contents while dragging.


Step 4. Next, click the OK button.

Step 5. Lastly, reboot your PC to apply the changes.


In optimizing Windows performance, minor tweaks can make a significant difference, especially on older or resource-limited systems. Disabling non-essential visual features, like the display of window contents while dragging, can reduce system strain, providing a smoother experience. Whether using Performance Options or delving into the Registry Editor, this guide offers straightforward solutions for users looking to enhance their system’s responsiveness. Remember, always take caution when making changes, especially in the Registry Editor, to ensure the system’s stability.

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