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How to Hide Certain File Types from Windows 11/10’s Search Results?

Refining Your Search Experience on Windows 11/10: How to Exclude Specific File Types

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the vast amount of files that show up when you conduct a search on your Windows 11/10 computer? Sometimes, you might find yourself wishing you could exclude specific file types to streamline your search results. Fortunately, Windows 11/10 OS has got you covered. It allows you to display and hide file types from appearing in the search results. For instance, suppose you don’t want any PNG images cluttering your search outcomes. In that case, all you need to do is add that particular file type to the exclusion list on your PC. Once done, Windows will cease to display those file types in your search results. If you’re looking to refine your search experience by hiding certain files from search results on Windows 11/10, then this risewindows article is just what you need. Dive in to find out how!

How to Hide Certain File Types Appearing on Windows 11/10 Search Results?

To block or hide certain file types appearing on Windows 11 search results, use the following steps:-

Step 1. Firstly, click on the Start button on the taskbar to open the Start menu on your PC.

Step 2. Now, in the search bar, type Indexing Options.

Step 3. Click Indexing Options in the search results to open it.

Step 4. On the “Indexing Options” window that appears, click the Advanced button.

Step 5. After that, on the “Advanced Options” window, click the File Types tab.

Step 6. Next, in the “File Types” tab, you will see all the file formats that Windows 11 /10 currently displays in its search results. To exclude a file type from the index, uncheck that type in the list.

Quick Note: If the file format is not listed in the “File Types” tab, then click “Add new extension to list” at the bottom, type the file extension that you want to include in the list, and click the Add to add it to the list.

Step 7.  Navigate to the Index Settings tab.

Step 8. Click on the Rebuild button. This action will create a new search index and remove deselected extensions.

Step 9. Then, click on the OK button to continue rebuilding the index.

In the “Indexing Options” window at the top, you will see the current status of the index building. Depending on how many files there are on your PC, it may take several minutes to rebuild the index.

After the index is rebuilt, your excluded file types should no longer appear in your search results.


In an age where data storage is expansive and users have tons of files on their computers, filtering search results becomes essential for effective file management. Windows 11/10 understands this need and provides users the capability to refine their search by excluding certain file types. By following the steps mentioned in this risewindows article, one can easily customize their search experience, ensuring that only the most relevant files appear in their search results.


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