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How to Get Live Wallpapers on Windows 11 or 10?

Setting Up Live Wallpapers on Windows 11/10: A Comprehensive Guide

Live wallpapers have long been a staple of personalization on smartphones, offering dynamic visuals that bring our screens to life. They’re a feature we’ve grown accustomed to on Android devices, and even iPhones and Macs boast dynamic wallpapers, though perhaps not as versatile. These animated visuals not only add flair to our screens but also breathe life into our digital experiences. Surprisingly, Windows 11, the latest iteration of Microsoft’s popular operating system, doesn’t natively offer this feature. However, that doesn’t mean users are left without options. There’s a workaround that lets you enjoy live wallpapers even on Windows 11 or 10. In this risewindows post, we’re set to unravel the mystery behind setting a live wallpaper on your Windows 11/10 device, guiding you step by step towards a more animated desktop experience.

How to Set Live Wallpapers on Windows 11 and 10?

As previously mentioned, Windows 11/10 doesn’t provide a direct method for setting live wallpapers. Consequently, one must turn to third-party solutions. Lively Wallpaper, a free and open-source application available on the Microsoft Store, is fully compatible with both Windows 11 and 10. This software effortlessly facilitates the setting of live desktop backgrounds.

To get and set live wallpapers on Windows 11 or 10, use the following:-

Step 1. First, download Lively Wallpaper from Microsoft Store or GitHub (The link is given at the end of this article).

Alternatively, click on the Start button on the taskbar and select the Microsoft Store app to open it.

Step 2. Now, search for Lively Wallpaper.



Step 3. Then, click on the Get button beside Lively Wallpaper to download and install it.


Step 4. Once Lively Wallpaper is downloaded on your computer, it will be installed automatically. Next, click the Open button to launch it.

Step 5. Now, you will see several live wallpapers in this app. Choose one from the library which you would like to use. The selected live wallpaper will be applied as a desktop background immediately.

How to Set a Custom Video, YouTube Video, or GIF as a Wallpaper on Windows 11?

If you don’t love any wallpaper in Lively Wallpaper’s library, you can use a video or GIF of your choice from your PC. Even this app allows you to set a YouTube video as wallpaper. To do that, perform the following steps:-

Step 1. Firstly, open the Lively Wallpaper app.

Step 2. Then, click the + icon in the left-hand pane.

Step 3. Now, if you want to choose a video or GIF from your PC, click the Browse button under “Select File.” To use a YouTube video as wallpaper, enter the YouTube video URL in the “Enter URL” text box and then click the right arrow button.

Step 4. Next, whether you choose a local video, GIF, or YouTube video, the wallpaper will appear in the app’s library. Click the Library button (three books) in the left-hand pane, and then select the newly uploaded video or GIF to set it as a desktop background image.

How to Set a Live Wallpaper on Multiple Monitors?

By default, the wallpaper you apply as a desktop background appears on the primary monitor only. If you’re using multiple monitors, you’ll also need to set the live wallpaper on other monitors. For that, open the Lively Wallpaper and click the Control Panel (monitor) icon in the window’s top-right corner.

When the app’s Control Panel appears, select another monitor in the “Choose Display.” Once another monitor is picked, go back to the app’s library and choose the wallpaper you want to show on the other display.

How to Close Lively Wallpaper?

If you want to stop using the live wallpaper, you can do so in Lively Wallpaper. Open the app and click the “Control Panel (monitor)” icon in the top-right corner.

Then, click the Close Wallpapers button.

Download Lively Wallpaper

You can download free and open-source Lively Wallpaper from GitHub or Microsoft Store.


Live wallpapers are a stunning addition to any desktop, enhancing the visual appeal and making the user experience more vibrant and personalized. While Windows 11/10 may not have built-in live wallpaper functionality, third-party applications like Lively Wallpaper bridge that gap efficiently. The app is not just limited to its in-built wallpapers; it offers the flexibility of setting videos, GIFs, and even YouTube videos as wallpapers. For multi-monitor setups, Lively Wallpaper ensures each screen can showcase dynamic visuals, thereby transforming your workspace. So, dive in and add that extra dynamism to your Windows 11/10 desktop with live wallpapers.


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