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How to Factory Reset Windows 10 without Losing Important Files?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Factory Reset Windows 10 Without Losing Vital Files.

Navigating the maze of tech troubles can be daunting, especially when your Windows Operating System seems to falter or misbehave. As vital as our devices have become, they’re not immune to glitches and slowdowns over time. So, what if there was a way to rejuvenate your Windows 10 PC, give it a fresh start, yet keep all those precious files intact? If you are facing some issues with your Windows Operating System and want to factory reset it, we have this risewindows article tailored just for you. Microsoft endows its users with a brilliant “Reset this PC” feature, ensuring that while the system gets its much-needed refresh, your data remains unharmed. Consider this feature as your system’s personal guardian angel, watching over your files while resolving those irksome issues. Dive in to discover a hassle-free pathway to reset your Windows 10 without losing those indispensable files.

How to factory reset Windows 10 without losing important Files?

Step 1: First, open the Settings app.

You can do it by clicking on the Start button on the taskbar and typing Settings. In the search results, click on Settings.

Step 2: Go to the Update & security category under the “Windows Settings” window.

Step 3: Select the Recovery option from the options you see on your screen’s left side.

Step 4: On the right side pane, under the Reset this PC section, click on the Get started button.

Step 5: Choose the option “Keep my files” under “Reset this PC.”

Quick Note: This option will remove apps and settings but will not hamper your files.

On a side note, the “Remove everything” option will help you remove everything and restore stock Windows 10. Once you select this option, it will ask whether you want to remove everything from all the drives or only the drive where Windows will install. You can also choose to clean the drives too.

Step 6: The “Getting things ready” window will appear once you click on the available options.

Step 7: Click on the Next button.

Step 8: After Windows is ready, you will find a list of the apps you removed from your system during the reset. You can not access all these apps you have removed after the reset operation. You will find the list of these apps on your desktop.

You can click on the link “List of apps to be removed” to find the list of apps that will be affected during the reset process.

Step 9: Click the Back button to continue with the reset.

Step 10: As the last step, go to the Reset button. It will complete the reset process.

After completing the above-mentioned process, your system will reboot, which may take approximately an hour to complete.

You will get all the apps, drivers, and programs that didn’t come along with your system removed during the Windows 10 PC reset. Also, your settings will restore to defaults. However, deleting your files depends upon you.


Factory resetting your Windows 10 PC can seem like a challenging task, but with the “Reset this PC” feature, the process becomes straightforward and less daunting. This feature ensures that while your system undergoes a much-needed cleanup, your essential files remain untouched. Following the steps outlined in this guide will lead to a rejuvenated Windows 10 PC, with apps and settings restored to their defaults, yet keeping your indispensable files intact.


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