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How to Enable or Force Dark Mode for Web Contents in Google Chrome?

Unlocking Dark Mode: A Gentler Browsing Experience in Google Chrome

In the digital age, our screens have become an almost inseparable part of our lives, be it for work, entertainment, or communication. As we plunge deeper into the night or work in dimly-lit environments, the bright interfaces of our devices can become straining to the eyes. Recognizing this, software developers have started incorporating ‘Dark Mode’ into their applications and operating systems – a feature designed to reduce the glare and enhance visual comfort. Google Chrome, being a frontrunner in the browser space, has not been left behind. Starting from version 74, Chrome introduced an in-built dark mode for users on Windows 11/10/8/7. If you’re using an older version, fret not! An update can usher in this eye-soothing transformation.

The advantage of dark mode extends beyond aesthetics. By minimizing the light emissions and ensuring an optimal contrast ratio, it seeks to diminish the ocular strain inflicted by prolonged screen time, especially in darker settings. This shift to darker themes isn’t exclusive to browsers; it’s prevalent across various platforms and applications, from Windows 10 to productivity tools like MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Furthermore, Chrome empowers its users with an option to enforce dark mode, irrespective of their OS’s default theme, ensuring a consistent and comfortable browsing experience.

In this RiseWindows guide, we’re about to embark on a journey to unlock the darker, gentler side of Google Chrome. Let’s delve into the steps that will illuminate the path to a more visually pleasant browsing realm.

How to enable or force Dark Mode for Web Contents in Google Chrome?

Use the following steps to dark mode for web content in Google Chrome:-

Step 1: First, open Google Chrome on your computer.

Step 2: Now, type the following in the address bar, and press Enter:-


Step 3: Type “dark” in the “Search flags” box. You will see the “Force Dark Mode for Web Contents” flag.

Step 4: Click on the drop-down menu next to “Force Dark Mode for Web Contents.”

Step 5: From the drop-down menu, select Enabled.

Step 6: Click on Relaunch to restart Google Chrome.

The settings will change, and dark mode will apply to the Chrome Browser after you restart it.

If you want to revert to the previous changes, repeat the above steps, and in step 5, click on the Default option.


The digital realm has rapidly adapted to the diverse needs and comforts of its users. Among the more recent adaptions that have been widely embraced is the ‘Dark Mode’. While seemingly simple, this feature has been a game-changer for many. Particularly for those who spend extended hours in front of their screens or prefer working in low-light settings, Dark Mode offers a less strenuous visual experience. Google Chrome, in its commitment to user-centricity, has seamlessly integrated this feature, allowing its vast user base the luxury of a more comfortable and adaptable browsing environment. With the steps detailed in this RiseWindows guide, you can effortlessly transition between the conventional bright interface and the more muted, eye-friendly dark mode. Whether you’re working late, browsing for leisure, or just prefer the aesthetics of a darker palette, Chrome’s Dark Mode is designed for you. Embrace this feature and give your eyes the comfort they deserve, ensuring a consistently pleasant and strain-free browsing session.


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