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How to Enable or Disable Always On Top for Task Manager on Windows 11?

How to Keep Task Manager Always on Top in Windows 11.

Being a Windows user, the Task Manager tool is likely a familiar sight on your computer. This versatile tool offers insights into the various processes, performance metrics, app history, user sessions, detailed process specifications, and system services. While its default behavior has it functioning just like any other software window, there’s an option to have it always displayed above other windows. Once this setting is activated, Task Manager will consistently maintain its position at the forefront of your screen.

There are times when having the Task Manager constantly on top can be quite beneficial. For instance, while diagnosing issues with Windows 11 or other applications, having the Task Manager easily accessible helps to monitor real-time CPU usage, memory consumption, active processes, and more. Even when other software windows open in full screen or maximized mode, the Task Manager will stay prominent and visible.

With the rise of multitasking and the increasing need to oversee system performance, it’s often helpful to keep the Task Manager anchored at the top. This risewindows guide aims to equip you with the steps to ensure that the Task Manager remains consistently visible, regardless of other open windows.

How to Turn On or Off Always On Top for Task Manager on Windows 11 using Task Manager?

Use the following steps to enable or disable “Always on top” for Task Manager in Windows 11 through Task Manager:-

Step 1: Open Task Manager.

You can use the Ctrl + Shift + Esc key combination to do that.

Step 2: Go to the Options menu and check the option Always on top to make the Task Manager appear on the top of other windows.

You can revert the changes by opening the Task Manager and going to the Options menu. Next, un-check the Always on top option.

How to Enable or Disable Always On Top for Task Manager from the Notification Area?

Use the following steps to turn on or off “Always on top” for Task Manager through the Notification area:-

Step 1: First, open Task Manager.

You can use the Ctrl + Shift + Esc key combination to do that.

Step 2: Next, select or deselect “Always on top” to enable or disable Always On Top for Task Manager. To do that, right-click the Task Manager icon in the taskbar notification area.

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The Task Manager tool in Windows 11 offers a plethora of insights and options for users. One of its valuable features is the “Always on top” setting which ensures the Task Manager window stays prominently visible even when other software windows are opened in full screen or maximized mode. This feature can be enabled or disabled directly through the Task Manager or from the Notification Area, allowing users to have quick access to monitor their system’s performance seamlessly.


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