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How to Enable New Taskbar Overflow on Windows 11?

Activating the New Taskbar Overflow in Windows 11: A Comprehensive Guide

In the world of ever-evolving technology, ease of use and effective management of applications have become paramount. Microsoft, recognizing the needs of its vast user base, has ushered in an innovative solution for managing an overcrowded taskbar on Windows 11: the new taskbar overflow feature. This feature emerges as a godsend for power users and those who often find their screens cluttered with numerous open apps. Complementing other recent introductions like the Spotlight Desktop Theme, the taskbar overflow ensures users have a streamlined experience when navigating through multiple applications. Instead of the conventional overflow area seen in previous Windows versions, Windows 11 will now showcase extra icons in a distinct flyout. This makes finding and managing overflowed apps more intuitive. Moreover, the inclusion of a three-dot button on the taskbar signifies the automatic activation of overflow mode when app icons exceed the designated space. Early bird Windows 11 testers, rejoice! You can delve into this feature’s offerings in the Dev Channel’s latest build. But that’s not all—Microsoft is also refining the “nearby sharing” feature, reminiscent of Apple’s AirDrop. As the rollout commences in both Beta and Dev insider channels, a section of users might find the feature concealed. Yet, there’s a silver lining. Microsoft is curating feedback from select user groups, and those awaiting their turn can harness the prowess of the third-party tool, ViveTool. Join us in this risewindows article as we unravel the steps to activate the new taskbar overflow on Windows 11.

How to Enable New Taskbar Overflow on Windows 11?

Do these steps to turn on the new taskbar overflow on Windows 11:-

Step 1. Download the latest version of ViveTool from GitHub.

Step 2. Move the downloaded file to the “C” drive.

Step 3. Right-click on the ViVeTool ZIP archive to pick the Extract All option in the context menu.


Step 4. Press the Extract button.

Step 5. Rename the extracted folder to ViVeTool.

Step 6. After that, open an elevated Command Prompt and type the following command one by one, and then press the Enter key on the keyboard after entering every command:-

c:\vivetool\vivetool /enable /id:35620393

c:\vivetool\vivetool /enable /id:35620394

Step 7. At last, reboot your computer to see the changes.


Microsoft’s new taskbar overflow feature in Windows 11 showcases the tech giant’s commitment to enhancing user experience. This feature not only simplifies navigation for those with numerous open applications but also transforms the way overflowed apps are managed. With this introduction and the continual refinement of features like “nearby sharing,” Windows 11 stands out as a forward-thinking operating system. The integration of third-party tools like ViveTool further provides flexibility to users, ensuring that they can adapt to changes seamlessly. It’s evident that with every new update, Microsoft is setting a higher standard for modern OS experiences.


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