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How to Disable or Enable Rounded Corners in Windows 11?

Customizing Windows 11's Aesthetics: The Guide to Disabling or Enabling Rounded Corners

Windows 11 has been a transformative leap from its predecessor, introducing a myriad of visual enhancements that truly modernize the desktop experience. At the heart of this design evolution is the new redesigned UI (User Interface). As soon as you boot up the system, one of the most striking visual changes you’ll observe is the rounded corners framing all program and app windows. This seemingly subtle alteration, combined with transparency and blur effects evident in the Start menu, Taskbar, Action Center, immersive context menus, and other applications, lends Windows 11 a sleeker, contemporary aesthetic. While these rounded corners undoubtedly enhance the look of File Explorer, third-party software, and browsers, they might not resonate with everyone. Some users, accustomed to the sharper window edges of the past, may wish to revert to the older look. Although Microsoft hasn’t inherently equipped Windows 11 with a toggle switch for this GUI element, navigating the procedure to disable the rounded corners might seem elusive to many. This guide will bridge that gap, elucidating the steps to enable or disable these rounded corners in Windows 11.

How to Disable or Enable Rounded Corners in Windows 11?

Win11DisableOrRestoreRoundedCorners” is a compact, portable tool crafted by valiant. This complimentary utility lets you toggle the rounded corners feature in Windows 11 with ease.

To use, initiate by downloading the program. Then, run the tool as an administrator to manage the rounded corners in your OS. It operates as a script, toggling the system process that governs this visual aspect. Notably, the tool lacks a graphical user interface or customizable settings. If the app detects active rounded corners when executed, it will deactivate them. Conversely, re-running the script reactivates the rounded edges.

For developers, it’s advised to download the EXE file and run it, ensuring a seamless application and preventing potential system issues. The program requires an active internet connection and fetches a specific registry key, known as uDWM.dll.

Download Win11DisableOrRestoreRoundedCorners

You can download Win11DisableOrRestoreRoundedCorners here.

That’s it.


While Windows 11 has introduced a variety of design improvements, including rounded corners, not every user is keen on embracing this change. Thanks to the efforts of developers like valiant, tools such as “Win11DisableOrRestoreRoundedCorners” allow for easy customization of this particular visual element. It’s vital for users to exercise caution and ensure that they run such programs as administrators to maintain system integrity. By following the provided steps, users can easily tailor their Windows 11 experience, toggling between the new rounded corners or the traditional sharper window edges based on their preference


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