How to Deactivate and Uninstall Windows 11 Product Key?

Understanding and Managing Your Windows 11 Product Key

In the digital age, operating system security and authenticity are of paramount importance. One of the ways Microsoft ensures this for its Windows OS is through the use of product keys. A Windows product key is a unique 25-character code that serves as a digital fingerprint for your PC’s Windows installation. When you purchase Windows 11, this key activates your copy, ensuring it’s legitimate. Contrary to older Windows versions that require manual key input, Windows 11 adopts a digital license approach, streamlining the activation process.

Once activated using a genuine product key from Microsoft, you can fully utilize all features of Windows 11. It’s worth noting that this key is not just a one-time passcode but becomes permanently associated with the computer you’ve activated. This, however, doesn’t mean it’s immovable. You have the flexibility to deactivate and uninstall this product key if, for instance, you’re planning to transfer it to another system or wish to sell your computer devoid of its Windows activation.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to understand that uninstalling a product key doesn’t erase the digital license tied to Microsoft’s activation servers. So, if you decide to use the key on a different computer, a direct re-activation might present challenges, occasionally necessitating a phone verification.

For those seeking guidance on this process, this risewindows tutorial will expertly walk you through the steps to safely deactivate and uninstall your Windows 11 product key.

How to Deactivate and Uninstall Windows 11 Product Key?

To deactivate and uninstall Windows 11 product key from your PC, perform the following recommended steps:-

Step 1. Firstly, open Command Prompt with administrative rights.

Step 2. Now, when the elevated Command Prompt starts, type the following text and hit Enter from the keyboard to uninstall the product key and deactivate Windows 11:-

slmgr /upk

After executing the above command, you should receive a message, “Uninstalled product key successfully.”

Step 3. Then, the above command has uninstalled the product key from your Windows 11 machine, but it is still available in Windows Registry. To eliminate the Windows 11 product key from the registry also, type the following command and hit Enter from the keyboard:-

slmgr /cpky

If you execute the above command, you should see a message, “Product key from registry cleared successfully.”

After completing the above steps, when you check the activation status of your Windows 11 by navigating through Settings > System > Activation, you will find that your copy of Windows is “Not active.”

That’s it.


Windows 11, with its digital licensing, has brought forth a significant evolution in the world of operating system activation. The use of a 25-character product key not only authenticates a genuine copy of the OS but also binds it to the specific hardware of the PC. However, with evolving needs and situations, users might feel the necessity to move or remove their product keys. As outlined in this guide, the process to deactivate and uninstall this key is straightforward, yet it’s essential to be cognizant of the fact that the digital license remains intact on Microsoft’s servers. Therefore, any subsequent activations on different hardware might require additional verification. Always ensure you have a proper understanding and backup before making changes to your system settings, and for a smoother transition, refer to trusted sources like risewindows.


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