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How to Copy Windows 11 or 10 installation to an SSD?

Seamless System Migration to SSD with DiskGenius

The transition from a traditional hard drive to an SSD is like swapping out a horse and buggy for a sleek sports car. The increase in speed, efficiency, and durability that an SSD brings can breathe new life into an aging computer. With Windows 11/10 being the most modern iteration of Microsoft’s OS, combining its features with the robustness of an SSD can result in a high-performance computing experience. But how does one transfer the Windows installation to a new SSD without losing any data? This article will break down the steps and guide you through the entire process, ensuring that you can make the switch seamlessly and efficiently. Whether you’re a seasoned tech enthusiast or someone just looking to boost their computer’s performance, by the end of this guide, you’ll have successfully transferred your Windows 11/10 installation to your new SSD.

How to Copy Windows 11 or 10 installation to an SSD?

Follow these steps to copy Windows 11 or 10 installation to an SSD:-

Step 1. Download the DiskGenius freeware tool.

Step 2. Install and launch on your computer.

Step 3. Then, choose the Tools > System Migration option.

Step 4. In the pop-up window, select the drive where Windows 11/10 is installed. You can choose more partitions if your SSD storage capacity is enough to store all the data of your old HDD. Once the partition is selected, click the OK button.

Step 5. After that, another pop-up window will appear and list all connected disks except the system disk. Choose the destination disk and click the OK button.

Step 6. The DiskGenius allows adding or removing partitions to be migrated, resizing partitions on the target disk, and configuring the boot sequence before the process. You can configure all these according to your needs.

If the source disk contains partitions unrelated to the system boot, you can migrate them to the new disk; for example, right-click on the partition and select “Migrate to the target disk.”

Further, if you feel the new system partition is too large or small, you can right-click on the partition edge and drag the mouse to resize it, as follows.

Finally, check the option “When finished, change the computer boot sequence,” and you can choose whether to boot from the target disk automatically after system migration completes. Please note that these options are available for UEFI-based systems, and you’ll need to manually boot to BIOS to modify the boot sequence for MBR disks.

Step 7. Next, click the start button.

Step 8. You will see a warning message saying it will overwrite all files and partitions on the target disk. Click the OK button to continue.

Step 9. Click the Hot Migration button on the following screen.

Now, wait to let DiskGenius complete the process.

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Transitioning from a traditional hard drive to an SSD can greatly enhance a computer’s performance, especially when paired with Windows 11/10. Using tools like DiskGenius, you can easily migrate your Windows installation without losing crucial data. By following the steps outlined above, you can ensure a smooth and efficient transfer, giving your machine a significant performance boost.


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