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How to Clear Host Cache in Edge Browser?

Enhancing Microsoft Edge's Performance: Clearing the Host Cache

In the age of the internet, our web browsers have transformed into essential tools for information, entertainment, and communication. With this increasing dependency on browsers, their efficiency and performance are more crucial than ever. One of the significant elements contributing to swift web browsing is the DNS or host cache. Microsoft’s Edge browser, just like its contemporaries, utilizes this feature to improve page load times. However, there are instances when you need to clear this cache. In this article, we delve deep into the process of clearing the host cache in Microsoft Edge.

Understanding Host Cache

Before diving into the intricacies of the process, it’s beneficial to first grasp what a host cache is. In simple terms, whenever you access a website, your computer temporarily stores or “remembers” the site’s IP address in a cache. This mechanism allows your computer to quickly connect to that site in future sessions, bypassing the process of looking up the IP address repeatedly, which can slow down browsing.

Reasons for Clearing the Host Cache

There are several motivations for clearing the host cache:-

  1. Connection Errors: Old or corrupted cache data might hinder you from accessing certain websites, leading to connection errors.
  2. DNS Attacks: Crafty cyber attackers can tamper with the DNS cache, guiding unsuspecting users to harmful sites. Regularly clearing the cache can thwart these DNS-poisoning attempts.
  3. Website Relocation: Websites often move servers. If this happens, your browser might still try to connect to the old server due to the outdated cache, causing accessibility issues.

How to Clear Host Cache in Microsoft Edge Browser?

Step-by-step guide to Clearing Host Cache in Microsoft Edge:-

Step 1. Begin by clicking on the Edge icon on your desktop or taskbar.

Step 2. Once inside the browser, initiate a new tab.

Step 3. In this new tab, type the following into the address bar and hit Enter:-


Step 4. On the subsequent page, there will be an option labeled “Clear host cache.” Clicking this will command Edge to flush its DNS cache.

Supplementary Information

Does clearing the host cache delete other data? Clearing this cache solely removes the DNS entries. It doesn’t delete other forms of data or significantly free up disk space. If the intent is to liberate disk space, consider clearing the browsing cache separately.

Clearing Additional Data in Edge: If you’re looking to eliminate cookies and other browser data, navigate within Edge to the three dots (settings option) on the top right > Settings > Privacy, search, and services > Clear browsing data. From here, select the data you want to eliminate and finalize by clicking “Clear now.”


Ensuring a smooth browsing experience in Microsoft Edge involves understanding and occasionally managing its host cache. By periodically clearing it, users can circumvent potential connection issues, bolster security, and maintain optimal browser performance.

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