How to Clean Up Right Click Menu by Enabling Cascading Menu for WinRAR?

Simplifying Your Right-Click Menu with WinRAR's Cascading Feature

The digital landscape offers a plethora of applications for compressing and decompressing files, including those in RAR and ZIP formats. Among the many available, WinRAR stands out as a favored file archive and compression tool for the Windows platform. Beyond its primary function of extracting archive files, WinRAR can also delve into the contents of ISO files with a mere click. Impressively, it can even mend corrupted archive files.

In our upcoming risewindows article, we delve into various applications, some of which can be accessed through online platforms. Nevertheless, in terms of compression ratios and overall efficiency, WinRAR remains unmatched in its category. Alongside its core functionalities, WinRAR augments the file context menu – the menu that emerges when you right-click on any file or folder. This adds convenience but can also clutter the right-click menu, especially when multiple applications are installed, making it challenging to pinpoint the desired program swiftly.

For instance, after installing WinRAR, right-clicking on an archive file could present you with options like:-

  • Open with WinRAR
  • Extract files
  • Extract Here
  • Extract to <Folder Path>

While undeniably handy, not all Windows users utilize these options frequently. As such, we recommend pruning unnecessary WinRAR entries to streamline and declutter the right-click context menu. This can be easily achieved by activating the cascading menu feature for WinRAR. Once activated, only the primary WinRAR option will be visible on the right-click menu, with the rest appearing under this primary entry. This not only neatens the menu but also simplifies the user experience.

How to Enable Cascading Menu for WinRAR?

Use the following steps to enable Cascading Menu for WinRAR:-

Step 1: Search for WinRAR using the Start menu. Then, select WinRAR to launch it.

Step 2: Select Settings from the drop-down menu after clicking the Options menu in the WinRAR program.

Step 3: Choose the Integration tab in the Settings box that displays. Click on the OK button after selecting the “Cascaded context menus” checkbox.

Right-click on now on any file. Other WinRAR options will be listed underneath the one entry you see there.


In the modern digital realm, where a myriad of file compression tools exists, WinRAR distinctly shines through for its versatile capabilities and user-friendly interface. Its additional features, like the ability to repair corrupted archive files and delve into ISO files, give it an edge. However, with added functionalities come added complexities. The context menu options, though designed for convenience, can overwhelm some users. Thankfully, the cascading menu feature of WinRAR ensures a streamlined experience, offering a consolidated view on the right-click menu. By adopting this feature, users can maintain the utility of WinRAR without the clutter, demonstrating the software’s commitment to enhancing the user experience.


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