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How to Clean Context Menu using CCleaner on Windows 11?

Optimize Windows 11 with CCleaner: Declutter Files and Refine Context

Over time, as you interact with your computer, it inevitably accumulates a medley of redundant files. These superfluous files, while seemingly benign, can gradually erode system memory and hamper performance. Thus, maintaining a clean and efficient system becomes paramount. To facilitate this, we introduce CCleaner, a powerful tool spotlighted in this RiseWindows guide. Esteemed for its proficiency, CCleaner stands as a frontline solution for decluttering Windows 11 PCs. Beyond mere file cleanup, CCleaner offers a multi-faceted toolkit: from purging temporary and registry files, managing system restore points, and moderating startup programs to even uninstalling stubborn, built-in apps. It’s not just about sweeping files under the rug; CCleaner delves deep, optimizing the registry, ensuring both Windows and third-party applications are free from residual waste.

But CCleaner’s prowess doesn’t stop there. It adeptly manages context menus – the handy dropdowns that appear with a right-click. As various software tests and installs occur, they often append entries to these context menus. While some of these entries dissipate with time, others overstay their welcome. For users inundated with superfluous context menu items, CCleaner offers a streamlined solution. Follow along as we unpack the steps to refine and declutter your context menus, ensuring a streamlined and intuitive user experience.

How to Clean Context Menu using CCleaner on Windows 11?

Use the following steps to remove the context menu items through CCleaner on Windows 11:-

Step 1: First, go to the official website and download the latest version of CCleaner.

Step 2: Launch the application after installing it.

Step 3: Now, navigate through ToolsStartup Context Menu.


Step 4: From the context menu, select an entry you want to remove altogether from your PC or want to disable for some reason temporarily.

Step 5: Click on Disable button after selecting the entry. It will disable it temporarily. Similarly, to remove it permanently, click on the Delete button.

The application is compatible with almost every Microsoft Windows version, including Windows  7, 8, 10, and 11 (32-bit and 64-bit). Not only this, it has both the free and the paid versions available so you can choose the one that suits you.


Navigating through a computer inundated with unnecessary files and context menus can be a taxing experience. System performance can take a significant hit, and users may feel bogged down by the digital clutter. Thankfully, tools like CCleaner offer a beacon of hope. As spotlighted in this RiseWindows guide, CCleaner acts as a digital custodian for your Windows 11 PC. It’s not merely about superficial cleaning; this tool delves into the crevices of your system, purging it of all redundant files and optimizing its overall performance. And when it comes to managing the context menus, those frequently used right-click dropdowns, CCleaner proves invaluable. Whether it’s disabling an unnecessary entry or purging it for good, CCleaner offers precision control over these menus. For a cleaner, faster, and more intuitive computing experience, CCleaner’s comprehensive suite stands unmatched.


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