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How to check Version Number of Apps & Programs on Windows 10?

Unlocking the Secrets of Your Software: Identifying Version Numbers on Windows 10

The significance of knowing the version number of an app or program on Windows cannot be underestimated. This becomes especially crucial when an app or program doesn’t function as it should on your Windows 11/10 PC. In such cases, rectifying or troubleshooting often necessitates knowledge of the app’s version number. The process of troubleshooting could involve repairing the faulty app or program on your Laptop or PC. If you’re using Windows 10, there’s a straightforward procedure to determine the version numbers of installed apps and programs. This article will serve as a guide, delineating three primary methods to discern these version numbers:

  1. Utilizing the Settings app to check version numbers of apps & programs,
  2. Harnessing the Control Panel to determine the version of classic desktop programs,
  3. Checking the version number directly within the desktop programs and apps themselves.

How to check the version number of apps & programs through the Settings app?

To know the version number of apps & programs through the Settings app, perform the following steps:-

Step 1. Open the Settings App by pressing the Windows Logo + I keys simultaneously.

Step 2. Select the Apps category. Then, under the Apps category, click the left-side menu Apps & features to see all installed apps and programs on your Windows 10 PC.

This list shows apps installed from the Microsoft Store and classic programs installed from other sources.

Step 3. To view the version number of classic desktop programs, click on the program name.

Step 4. Below the program entry, you can see the version number.

If you want to check or see the app’s version number installed from the Microsoft Store, you need to perform one more step.

Step 5. Click on the app entry and then hit the “Advanced options” link.

Note: You will not find any “Advanced options” link for a classic desktop program; this is for your information.

Step 6. In the Specifications section, you can see the currently installed app’s version number on your Windows 10 PC.

How to Check the Version Number of Classic Desktop Programs Using the Control Panel?

Classic Control Panel also allows checking the installed program’s version number. However, it will not find any app installed through the Microsoft Store. To find the version number of the installed program using the Control Panel, perform the following steps:-

Step 1. Press the Windows Logo + R keys simultaneously to open the Run box command. Type the following and hit Enter from the keyboard to open the Program and Features window under the Control Panel.


Step 2. The Programs and Features window displays a lot of information about the installed programs. Here, you can see the Name, Publisher, Install date, Size, and Version.

How to check the version number of desktop programs and apps within the programs and apps?

Most software developers include the version number on their program in the About menu. To find out the desktop program’s version number, navigate the Help menu and click the AboutCheck for update, or a similar option to know the program’s version number.

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Checking the version number of apps and programs on your Windows 10 PC is essential to ensure that you have the latest updates and functionalities. Users have multiple ways to do this, be it through the Settings app, the Classic Control Panel, or directly within the programs and apps. Using these simple steps, one can quickly determine the version of any installed software on their PC.


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