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How to Check RAM Speed or Frequency on Windows 11/10?

How to Determine RAM Speed on Windows 11/10: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding the intricacies of your computer’s memory is not just for tech enthusiasts; it’s a crucial aspect for anyone keen on getting the best performance from their system. RAM, or Random Access Memory, plays a pivotal role in determining how swiftly your computer processes information. Especially for users of Windows 11, familiarizing oneself with the RAM specifications can be instrumental, whether you’re diagnosing issues, tweaking UEFI settings, or contemplating an upgrade. Imagine pairing incompatible RAM frequencies – not only would it lead to potential performance hiccups, but it could also be the root of various system errors. With RAM speeds influencing data transfer rates, even gamers often delve into advanced techniques like overclocking to squeeze out every bit of performance. But, how does one ascertain their RAM’s speed? This risewindows guide is poised to walk you through three straightforward methods to discern your RAM’s speed or frequency on Windows 11/10, ensuring you’re well-equipped for informed decisions.

How to Check RAM Speed or Frequency on Windows 11/10 using Task Manager?

First, open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc shortcut keys from the keyboard. Then, navigate to the Performance tab. After that, click on the Memory option from the left side pane. At last, on the right side of it, you can see the RAM speed and Slots used.

How to See RAM Speed or Frequency on Windows 11/10 through Windows PowerShell?

Follow these steps to view RAM Speed or Frequency on Windows 11/10 through Windows PowerShell:-

Step 1. First, open Windows PowerShell.

Step 2. On the PowerShell prompt, copy and paste the following command and then hit Enter from the keyboard:-

Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_PhysicalMemory | Format-Table Devicelocator, Manufacturer, Speed

Once you execute the above steps, you will see the RAM speed of each slot.

How to View RAM Speed or Frequency on Windows 11/10 using Command Prompt?

Follow these steps to see RAM Speed or Frequency on Windows 11/10 using Command Prompt:-

Step 1. First, open the Command Prompt.

Step 2. Then, on the Command Prompt, type the following and hit Enter on the keyboard:-

wmic MemoryChip get DeviceLocator, Manufacturer, Speed

After executing the above steps, you should see the RAM speed of the available slot.


RAM speed is a vital aspect of system performance, especially for users who wish to optimize their experience, whether it be for gaming, professional tasks, or daily usage. Windows 11/10 provides multiple avenues to check this speed. Whether you use the Task Manager, Windows PowerShell, or Command Prompt, you can easily determine your computer’s RAM speed and make well-informed decisions regarding potential upgrades or troubleshooting.


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