How to change the default Downloads Location in Microsoft Edge browser?

Tailoring Your Browsing: Altering the Default Download Location in Microsoft Edge

With the digital world evolving rapidly, Microsoft Edge has emerged as the foremost internet browser in the global landscape. While the majority of browsers have conventionally saved downloaded files to the system’s default Download folder, Microsoft sought to elevate the user experience with Edge, a successor to Internet Explorer. Whenever you initiate a download using Edge, it intuitively directs the file to a predetermined Download folder. However, what if you want your files to land somewhere specific, perhaps for ease of access or better organization? Flexibility is the hallmark of Edge, and it empowers users to tailor the download destination to their liking. This risewindows article is your guide, offering a step-by-step walkthrough on how to shift the default download location in the Microsoft Edge browser to a directory of your choice.

How to change the default Download location in the Microsoft Edge browser?

Follow these steps to change the default Download location in the Microsoft Edge browser:-

Step 1. Launch the Microsoft Edge browser and click the Menu button (Three horizontal dots).


Step 2. Now, click on Settings to launch the Edge Settings from the drop-down menu.


Step 3. Next, click on Downloads from the left pane.


Step 4. To change the location of the Downloads Folder, click on the Change button


Step 5. Then, select the desired location/folder where you want to save the downloaded files from the Edge browser.

You can also toggle On/Off from the Downloads section, “Ask where to save each file before downloading.” Once toggle On, Edge will prompt for a location when you try to download a file.

You might also be interested in our guide on changing the default Downloads location in the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.


Microsoft Edge, with its sleek design and user-centric features, offers a browsing experience that can be molded to each individual’s needs. Adjusting the default download location is just one way that users can enhance their browsing sessions. This functionality not only ensures that files are stored in a location that is most convenient for the user but also allows for a more organized and efficient file system. Whether you’re a stickler for organization or you’re just looking to make daily tasks a bit more streamlined, Edge’s customization features have got you covered.

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