How to Change Network Profile on Windows 11 or 10?

Mastering Network Profiles on Windows: A Guide to Switching Between Public and Private

Navigating the digital realm of Windows 11/10, users have the flexibility to define how they want their device to interact with different networks. This is facilitated by the presence of network profiles. By setting an appropriate network profile, users can determine their visibility on a network, control their ability to share files, and optimize their security based on the nature of the connection. There are primarily three categories of network profiles available:-

  1. Private Network Profile: Apt for home or trusted environments, the Private profile brings connectivity to the fore. Under this setting, your computer becomes discoverable, facilitating seamless sharing of files and printers with other connected devices.
  2. Public Network Profile: Best suited for public spaces like cafes, airports, or libraries, the Public profile emphasizes security. By making your device invisible to others on the same network, it ensures that your files and printers remain out of reach.
  3. Domain Network Profile: Exclusively designed for corporate or institutional settings, the Domain profile comes into play when your computer connects to a domain it belongs to.

Want to switch between these profiles based on your connectivity environment? This guide is tailored to walk you through the process of changing your network profile on Windows 10/11.


How to Change Network Profile to Public or Private on Windows 11?

On a Windows 11 PC, you can change the network profile type, but the instructions may slightly differ depending on whether you are using an Ethernet or Wi-Fi network adapter.

Step 1. Firstly, open the Settings App.

Step 2. Then, select Network & internet in the left sidebar.

Step 3. Next, select the Wi-Fi or Ethernet tile on the right side you want to configure.

Step 4. After that, click the Manage known networks setting.

Step 5. Select the active wireless connection.

Step 6. Under the “Network profile type” section, you can select a Public network or a Private network.

It is important to note that the settings only apply to the active connection. If you connect another network to your PC, you’ll need to repeat the above steps.

How to Change the Windows 10 Network Connection to Private or Public?

To change the Windows 10 Network connection to Private or Public, do the following:-

Step 1. Open the Settings App.

Step 2. Click on Network & Internet.

Step 3. Then, select Status in the left side pane.

Step 4. On the right side, click the Properties button of the active connection.

Step 5. Finally, select the Public or Private option under the “Network Profile” section.

That’s it.


The ability to switch between network profiles on Windows is crucial for maintaining both security and functionality. Whether you’re at home wanting to share files with family or in a public space aiming to protect your data, understanding how to set the appropriate profile is essential. By following the steps provided, you can easily adapt to any network setting, ensuring both safety and efficiency. Stay vigilant, and always choose the right profile for your networking needs.


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