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How to Automatically Switch between Light and Dark Mode on Windows 11/10?

Auto-Toggle Between Light and Dark Modes in Windows 11/10 with "Auto Dark Mode X".

In recent times, the growing preference for dark themes across various applications and platforms has been palpable. This inclination isn’t just for aesthetic appeal but also to alleviate eye strain, especially during the twilight hours. What exactly is this much-raved-about Dark Mode? The dark mode, fundamentally, transmutes the conventional light background hues of software interfaces into darker shades, predominantly dark gray or black. This not only ensures reduced glare, which is particularly beneficial in low-light conditions, but also aids in conserving battery life for OLED screens. For instance, in the Google Chrome browser, activating dark mode metamorphoses the backdrop color of tabs, address bar, toolbar, and menus into a somber gray tone.

But here’s the rub: While the feature is present in Windows 11/10, the operating system lacks an innate functionality to auto-toggle between the light and dark modes based on the time of day or user preferences. Worry not! This risewindows tutorial will enlighten you on how to set up your Windows 11/10 system to switch seamlessly between these modes. Dive in and tailor your computer’s visual experience to your preferences.

Why should we switch between Dark and Light Mode?

Not everyone prefers to work in the dark consistently, and many wish to toggle between modes based on sunset and sunrise. During the day, when there’s abundant natural light filtering through the windows, the light mode proves to be ideal. However, post-sunset, a bright screen can be discomforting, making the dark mode a more preferred choice. While one could opt to simply dim the screen’s brightness, it’s not the wisest decision. Reducing brightness can compromise visibility and exacerbate eye strain.

Auto Dark Mode X for Windows 11/10

Auto Dark Mode boosts your productivity, as it eliminates the need to adjust Windows settings multiple times throughout the day. Once the sun sets, we’ll handle the transition seamlessly for you. Auto Dark Mode is more than just a design switch; it comes loaded with beneficial features.

Installation is straightforward. Simply download the executable file from the official page and install it as you would with any other software. Once the software is installed, it will initiate automatically. Note that the scheduling option is turned off by default.

How to Switch Between Light and Dark Mode Automatically on Windows 11/10?

As previously noted, Windows 11/10 doesn’t offer a direct mechanism to toggle between light and dark modes. To address this, one can utilize the free application, Auto Dark Mode X. This tool empowers users to either set a preferred time or adjust based on geographical coordinates to seamlessly transition between themes.

Step 1. Firstly, download the Auto Dark Mode X executable file on your PC (The link is given at the end of this article).

Step 2. Now, install it on your computer as a regular application by double-clicking on it.

Step 3. Then, Auto Dark Mode X will automatically launch.

Step 4. Next, select the Time section from the left sidebar. On the right sidebar, you will find the following options:-

  • Disabled,
  • Set custom hours,
  • From sunset to sunrise, and
  • From sunset to sunrise (geographic coordinates).

Select the appropriate option that you would like to use. The settings will be saved automatically.

Besides that, there are several options available that you might want to customize, for example, “Switch Modes.”

Switch Modes: Here, you can enable or disable the following settings:-

  • Don’t switch modes while playing video games.
  • Enable/disable dark mode when the device is unplugged.
  • Configure the hotkey to switch between light and dark themes.

Apps: You can set this app to use the dark or light theme or even adopt system mode. Apart from that, you can install and use the “Dark Reader” extension for browsers that will force Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers to use the system theme you apply.

Personalization: It’s an exciting option for theme lovers. This section allows you to enable wallpaper and theme switches. You need to select a theme manually to apply in dark or light mode. Similarly, you can use wallpaper too.

Settings:- Under the “Settings” section, many options are available to customize Windows 11/10. For example, 12 hr clock, hide system tray icon, color filters, language change, and the auto start of Auto Dark Mode app along with Windows. You can also apply the logon task instead of using it with Startup for a faster switch.

At last, Auto Dark Mode is an excellent software that can work without disturbing you in the background. In our test, it never failed to switch between dark and light mode in Windows.

Download Auto Dark Mode X

If you want to use Auto Dark Mode X, you can download the same from GitHub.


Dark Mode has become increasingly popular across software interfaces for its aesthetic appeal and practical benefits, such as reduced eye strain and power conservation for OLED screens. However, Windows 11/10 lacks the innate functionality to auto-toggle between light and dark modes. The solution to this limitation is the “Auto Dark Mode X” application, which allows users to transition between modes seamlessly based on time or geographical coordinates. With straightforward installation and an array of customizable features, Auto Dark Mode X proves essential for enhancing the visual experience on Windows 11/10.


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