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How to Add TPM to a VMWare Player Virtual Machine for Windows 11?

Adding TPM to VMWare Player for Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide.

In the evolving landscape of digital security, the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) stands as a cornerstone in protecting a computer system’s integrity. At its core, TPM is a microcontroller designed to safeguard our digital credentials, including passwords, encryption keys, and certificates. The enhanced encryption, authentication protection, and software integrity verification it provides are invaluable in today’s cyber threats scenario. With the introduction of Windows 11, the spotlight on TPM has become brighter, as it is a critical requirement for this latest OS. While enthusiasts might be eager to test Windows 11 within a virtual environment, they often find themselves navigating the intricacies of TPM support in virtualization software. Fortunately, with tools like VMWare Workstation 16.2, integrating TPM with your virtual machine for Windows 11 has become more straightforward. This guide aims to navigate you through the process of adding TPM to a VMWare Player virtual machine, ensuring a seamless Windows 11 experience.

How to Add TPM to a VMWare Player Virtual Machine for Windows 11?

To add TPM (Trusted Platform Module) to your virtual machine on VMWare Player, use the following steps:-

Step 1. First, download and install VMware Workstation 16.2.0 Player on your computer (The link is provided at the end of this article).

Step 2. Now, configure a virtual Windows 11 machine if you have not already done it.

Step 3. Then, close the VMWare software.

Step 4. Next, go to the folder where you have stored the Windows 11 virtual machine.

Step 5. After that, find the file with your virtual machine name and the “.vmx” extension (Virtual Machine Configuration).

Step 6. Right-click on it and select Open with > Choose another app`.

Step 7. Now, select Notepad in the pop-up window and then click OK.

Step 8. Then, just after the first line, in a new line, copy and paste the following:-

managedvm.autoAddVTPM = "software"

Step 9. Save and close the notepad.

Quick Note: Even though you can add the TPM 2.0 module on your VMWare Player Virtual Machine, installing Windows 11 without bypassing restrictions is impossible. That means you need to bypass restrictions and then install Windows 11. Once you have installed Windows 11, if you wish, you can add TPM 2.0 so that you can comply with Microsoft’s minimum system requirements to get the automatic update.

Now, TPM 2.0 is added to the guest Windows 11 machine.

Download VMware Workstation 16.2.0 Player

You can download the VMware Workstation 16.2.0 Player from here.


The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) has taken center stage in the context of digital security, especially with the advent of Windows 11, which necessitates its integration. For those wanting to explore Windows 11 in a virtual setting, adding TPM to a VMWare Player virtual machine becomes crucial. The steps provided in this guide offer a straightforward approach to embedding TPM within VMWare Player for a smooth Windows 11 experience.


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