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How to Add or Customize Widgets on Windows 11?

Mastering Widgets in Windows 11: A Comprehensive Guide.

Windows 11 has brought a plethora of exciting features to enhance the user experience, and widgets are certainly at the forefront of these advancements. These mini-applications provide a quick glance at essential information without the need to fully open an application. While Windows 11 widgets are incredibly handy, getting them to appear on your desktop might not be immediately intuitive. As users discover, there’s a slight twist: while you can quickly view the widget board by pressing the Win + W keys or hovering over the Widgets button on the taskbar, adding them directly to your desktop is not an option. Yet, the capability to customize and organize these widgets to your liking is within reach. If you’ve been pondering on how to make the most of this feature, fret not. This risewindows guide will walk you through the nuances of adding, customizing, and organizing your Windows 11 widgets to perfection. Whether you’re aiming to declutter your widget dashboard, emphasize specific sections, or simply add a touch of personal flair, we’ve got you covered.


How to Add a New Widget on Windows 11?

Windows 11 Widgets display weather forecasts, stock information, regional sports, and more. Moreover, a plethora of widgets await your addition to the Widgets panel. For instance, you can integrate the Outlook Calendar, Microsoft To-Do, Family Safety, Traffic information, Tips, and so on. Follow these steps to add a new widget:-

Step 1. Firstly, open the Widgets panel by clicking its icon on the Taskbar.

Step 2. When the Widgets panel opens, click on the Add widgets button on the center of the screen.

Step 3. Then, in the “Widget settings” flyout, find a widget you want to show and click the plus (+) sign beside that.

Step 4. After you complete it, click the Close flyout button.

Now that you have completed every step, you can see the desired widget in the Widgets panel.

How to Remove or Hide a Widget on Windows 11?

If you don’t like and want to hide a particular widget from the Widget panel, use the following:-

Step 1. First, open the Widgets panel by clicking its icon on the Taskbar.

Step 2. Now, click the three-dotted icon of a widget you want to hide or remove.

Step 3. Then, select the Remove widget option.

If you want to add that widget again, you must follow the “add a new widget” guide mentioned above.

How to Search from Widgets on Windows 11?

If you want to search for something, you can use the search box on top of it. The search results will appear in the Microsoft Bing browser.

How to Customize Widgets on Windows 11?

Windows 11 allows you to customize it as per your needs, depending on the Widget. For instance, if you wish, you can customize the location for the Weather, Sports, Stock, etc. widget. For that, click on the three-dotted icon visible on the top-right corner of a particular widget and select the “Customize widget” option.

After that, choose or edit what you want to do. You may see limited options depending on the widget, but you will find all the essential information by customizing them. For instance, you can hide a particular news story, hide a publisher, save a report to read later, etc.

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Windows 11 widgets offer users a dynamic way to access key information swiftly, without diving deep into apps. They bridge the gap between quick access and immersive app experiences. While you can’t directly place them on the desktop, the ease of customization and organization within the Widgets panel is commendable. This guide furnishes the essentials on how to add, remove, search, and customize widgets, ensuring you can tailor your Widgets panel to resonate with your preferences and requirements. As you get accustomed to Windows 11, embracing these widgets can lead to an optimized and enriched user experience.


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